मुम्बई में हुआ फिल्म इना मीना डीका का शानदार मुहूर्त

मुंबई के गोरगांव स्थित मोतीलाल नगर के डीजी 9 प्रोडक्शन हाउस के बैनर तले बन रही भोजपुरी फिल्म इना मीना डीका का भव्य मुहूर्त किया गया। इस फिल्म के निर्देशक हैं दिलीप गुलाटी। और इस फिल्म के गानों को मशहुर सिंगर प्रतीक्षा वशिष्ठ ने गाया हैं। फिल्म के गीतकार भी दिलीप गुलाटी हैं जबकि फिल्म के अभिनेता और अभिनेत्री के साथ बाकी के कलाकारों का चयन अभी चल रहा हैं।

इस मुहूर्त के अवसर पर फिल्म जगत से जुड़े तमाम लोगो ने निर्देशक दिलीप गुलाटी को शुभकामनाएँ दी और इस शानदार मुहूर्त में अपनी उपस्थिति दर्ज़ करा कर मुहूर्त की शोभा बढ़ाई । जिसमे फिल्म जगत से जुड़े बड़े नाम अशोक सरोगी, प्रियंका पंडित,पुनम चोपड़ा,दुर्गा प्रसाद, अमर मोटवानी ,प्रेमल गोर गांधी, राज गुलाटी , प्राची गुलाटी, चंद्रु धनवानी, बृजेश त्रिपाठी, कमल मलिक , महेश राज , शिखा मिश्रा, अविनाश साही, पुनम चोपड़ा, राज कपूर शाही, सागर पाण्डे, कयुम खान, सरफराज खान, एम एस नायक, प्रदीप चलिकवर, सतीश अग्रवाल और पप्पू खन्ना जैसे फिल्म से जुड़े लोगो का जमावड़ा देखने को मिला। इस फिल्म इना मीना डीका के प्रचारक संजय भूषण पटियाला हैं और फिल्म का म्यूजिक दिया हैं राज सेन और नवी सिंह ने । इस फिल्म के मुहूर्त के दौरान पूरा का पूरा माहौल जश्न का रहा।

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बॉलीवुड में इसके पहले 1994 में फिल्म निर्देशक डेविड धवन ने अभिनेता विनोद खन्ना,ऋषि कपूर, जूही चावला, अनुपम खेर,कादर खान,शक्ति कपूर,किरन कुमार और गुलशन ग्रोवर जैसे सितारों को लेकर इना मीना डीका हिंदी फिल्म बनायी थी। और इसी नाम से फिल्म निर्देशक दिलीप गुलाटी अब भोजपुरी में फिल्म बनाने जा रहे हैं । अभी दीलिप गुलाटी निर्देशित हिंदी फिल्म माफिया बिग बॉस और भोजपुरी फिल्म जोड़ी नंबर वन रिलीज़ के लिए तैयार है ।

Mia Lakra’s pleasant rendezvous with Sunny Leone

Actress Mia Lakra who rose to fame with her stint in Splitsvilla Season 8 feels elated to have shared screen space with the very popular Actress Sunny Leone

On sharing screen space with her Actress Mia says, “She is a very humble and down to earth person. This was the first time I met her and she made me comfortable, she appreciated my dance moves and shared acting & fashion tips as well. She encouraged me to chase my dreams of becoming an actress and shared her experience as well”.

“Appreciation coming from Sunny Leone for my dancing skills was such a big compliment for me as dance has always been my passion as I always believe in the mantra Dance like no one is watching me.” says an excited actress.

Mia Lakra Mia Lakra (1)

Being a fashionista and talk of the town for her innovative and experimental fashion sense Actress Mia Lakra will soon be launching a fashion portal of clothes and bags.

Mia Lakra (4) Mia Lakra (6)

Elaborating further on her fashionista image the actress says, “Well this is because I always keep exploring things as I love travelling and most of the time I travel abroad, hence I am always updated with the trending fashion”

Well the actress has explored acting, dancing, fashion and now travelling too. Now time to think what’s NEXT!

Actor Tanuj Virwani gives vacation a miss for “One Night Stand”

Being an actor requires one to go deep and, often time very seriously; almost too seriously. Young actors are serious about their work and don’t take any time out from it. Quite often we hear of their busy schedules and insane shoot hours. Despite this, our Bollywood actors manage to be punctual and stay true to their profession. Most of our top B-town actors are known for being committed to their work. Recently Tanuj Virwani turned as an disciplined actor and cancel all his plans for his upcoming movie promotion with Sunny Leone “One Night Stand”. Tanuj was in Caribbean to have fun time with his friends but return to Mumbai for the movie which is going to be release on 22nd April. As Tanuj promotion dates clashed with his holiday plans, the actor was in quite a plight. But being a true professional Tanuj decided to wrap up his “One Night Stands” commitments before taking his much-needed break.

Tanuj Virwani said, “I love to party and to have fun but work come first for me. As my priority is acting so I have to do all needed thing which is require for my profession.”

Tanu Virani

“One Night Stand” Teasure:

Md Irfan impressed with romantic song from Sudip Pandey’s movie V for Victor

Talented and famous bollywood singer Md Irfan got emotional while singing a romantic song for the movie V for Victor.He said that he was told that the movie is based on boxing but he was amazed  when he read the lyrics because it was very romantic and classy. He added “I have sung so many romantic songs but this song is special as it’s very touchy ,soothing and meaningful. My best wishes to the entire team” . Music director duo Sanjeev Darshan seemed very elated and said that Md Irfan’s voice suited this song so well and he sang so naturally that they are confident this song would be a big hit. The entire team along with Dr Raman Kumar from Malaysia and director Sanjay Amar are happy with this nice soft song.

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Directed By : Roopesh Rai Sikand
Produced By : Sunil Pathare, Ajay Makkar, Deepak Chaudhary, Tejas Parmar
Cast : Yuvraj Hans, Nvraj Hans, Rana Ranbir, Shobita Rana, Akruti Bharti, Aanushka
Language : Punjabi
Genre : Comedy | Romance | Drama
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Other then Bollywood , There’s a Vast Market for Regional Cinema which are coming up with excellent messages. Talking about Punjabi Cinema, which itself describes a Full Entertainment , and also has its market  Globally.

Film “Canada Di Flight” is basically Story of Three Young Hunks ( Yuvraj Hans, Nvraj Hans, Rana Ranbir) who like every Punjabi wants to go to Canada and settle uo with Business , But they dont know how to go. So They Decide to go through agent Chawla and what happens next – Will they be able to Board Flight to Canada or … well Is the Rest of the Story.

Music : When ever songs comes to Punjabi Music, It has to be highly entertainer. Music of the film is catchy and is one of the plus point.

Direction : Comedy films has to be perfect with Timing , and  Canada Di Flight Director Roopesh Rai Sikand maintains it well.

The movie is portrayed well with a Good message , “Home is Home, No wonder where ever you go in the world – There’s no better place such as Home”.

Director Roopesh Rai Sikand has done full justice to the film and he deserve special Kudos for making such a entertaining film with message.

Review : All Characters have performed Brilliant Comedy,  Director has well tight script that revolves well within Character, Good Cinematography, and Last But Not Least – Good Use of Punjabi Proverbs, So Give Four Stars to the Film.

Rating : ★★ ★ ★ Stars


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