Interview With A Versatile Fashion Designer Sarath Krishnan

Interview With A Versatile Fashion Designer Sarath Krishnan

Now a days, a name Sarath Krishnan is doing very well in fashion designing. Krishnan was born and brought up in Mumbai to a middle class family. Here we met him and asked him about his passion called ‘Fashion’.

Que.) What does fashion mean to you as a developing fashion designer?

Sarath Krishnan: Fashion means everything to me. It’s a lifestyle where people find their comfort in their day today life. As a developing designer it’s important to take the familiar but to create news pieces: new textures, textiles, colours, print works of art. As I do a lot of handwork, it is important for me to ensure each piece is unique in its own way.

Que.) What interests you about fashion?

Sarath Krishnan: The Fashion world is a completely a fascinating world for me to be in. I get the opportunity every day to create new fashion and new understanding about new creativity.   My creation can be worn by 2 different people, accessorized or paired differently creating the ultimate expression of freedom.

Que.) What don’t you love about fashion?

Sarath Krishnan: I love everything about fashion! There’s nothing I don’t like.  Every stone, bead, crystal, thread, sequence is strategically placed to complete a larger work of art.

Que.) What would one special thing about a design be that would catch your attention?

Sarath Krishnan:Simplicity is the best form of fashion, which catches my attention.

Que.) Do you think social, economic and technical factors have affected fashion over the years? How?

Sarath Krishnan:Social, economic and technical factors have always been a source of inspiration for me.  Each client that I am creating a custom piece for, all of these factors and more are always considered.  Considering who is wearing it, what is theevent,what statement it message for they want to share.  My work is technical in it’s own way, in a way only a designer could ever understand.

Que.) Would you expect a fashion show to go over an hour?

Sarath Krishnan:If the idea and the clothing have are extremely creative it can hold any one for more couple of hours.

Que.) Would you prefer to go to a fashion show where the designer used unique materials such as bottles or would you prefer it if the designer used clothing materials such as cotton and fabric that you could wear on the street?

Sarath Krishnan:Yes if that’s  the medium a designer chooses to tell a story. If it’s complementing or enhancing the overall presentation of the garment.

Que.) What skills do you think someone would need to put on a fashion show?

Sarath Krishnan:Creativity and perfection that the skill

Que.)  As a final note what would make a good fashion show?

Sarath Krishnan: Extremely good garments, good models, perfect music, amazing makeover and loyalty to your work and a perfect craftsman ship.

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