Towering Personality Satish Ramchandran Restaurateur And Actor In The Making

In every Bollywood or Hollywood film, a character as villain, stuntman, commando, police officer or martial art is of prime importance. Without such characters there is no highlight in a movie. Their presence in a frame is  kinetic enough to add weight to the movie. Be it a romantic film, patriotic film or an historical film or a tragedy film there needs the presence of a character. Without them the film will be like a “ship without a radar”.

Infact, these characters have audiences rooting for them. At other times, they make viewers hate them, as they are sucked into a dangerous world of corruption. But love them or hate them, such characters are iconic. They go down in the history of Bollywood movies.

Meet a new entrant to the dazzling world of glamour and neons in Satish Ramchandran gifted with a towering height of  6.1 inches. Satish is not struggling without any plum assignments. He has worked in a couple of Marathi films and  Serials.

He is extremely keen to work in  good Hindi and South Indian films and prove his mettle as an actor to reckon with. There are a  couple of big budgeted movies in his kitty as main villain. Needless to say  Bollywood as a Mecca in Mumbai  always welcomes action oriented heros.

It may be noted that top heroes including present legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan,  Salman Khan, Sunil Shetty. Akshay Kumar, all were very popular in action movies. There is no iota of doubt that Satish Ramchandran with his hidden talents will get opportunity to work in big banners and with good filmmakers and co-stars.

For the unversed, Satish is the proud owner of a most lavish Royal Bar and Restaurant in Mulund. Here’s Wishing Satish Ramchandran all the Very Best in his chosen profession and to prove his worth in the entertainment industry.


Towering Personality  Satish Ramchandran  Restaurateur And Actor In The Making

3rd Suraj Parkash Marwah Sahitya Ratan Awards Ceremony at Marwah Studios

Noida: The most prestigious Suraj Parkash Marwah Sahitya Ratan Awards were presented to the popular and prominent writers of the country in a grand function at Marwah Studios in the annual  third edition on the first day of 8th Global Literary Festival Noida 2022 at Noida Film City.

“Feelings and Thinking of a man drive his activities and the quality of work. Think good feel good so that you can act good and convert this earth into heaven,” said Sandeep Marwah Chancellor AAFT University and President of the festival congratulating the awardees present in the auditorium from different parts of the country. He also narrated in short the struggle of Suraj Parkash Marwah during partition days.

On this occasion veteran poet and author Savita Chaddha, talked about the value of relationships in life.  Addressing the gathering renowned writer Dr. Divik Ramesh stated that a student is an integral part of teacher’s life and a teacher is nothing without students.. Senior Politician from BJP Anand Sahu laid stress on the significance of Language, its value and stated that without language there’s no art & culture.

“Winning an award is always a special moment. The greatest award is the appreciation of the people. Man gives you the award but God gives you the reward. An award recognizing your talent is an honour,” said Dr Marwah while announcing the names at the Suraj Parkash Marwah Award Ceremony covering nine renowned authors/poets who were felicitated with the Suraj Parkash Marwah Sahitya Ratan Award and certificate of honour including Dr. V. L. Gaur, Sanskrit and Hindi poet, Dr. Bhuvan Lall author and film maker,  Alka Sinha poetess, Prof. Dr. Shalini Verma Author, Dr. Roopa Singh author,  Dr. Sunita author, Urvashi Agrawal ‘Urvi’ Poetess, Pawan Kumar Poet and Dr Sanjay Inamdar Poet & Novelist.

All the awardees spoke their heart out in the most dignified manner. The event was conducted by Sushil Bharti. The dignitaries also released the news bulletin “Manthan” prepared by the students of Journalism and Mass Communication under guidance of Dr. Nawaz Dean AAFT School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

The event was supported by Asian Academy of Arts, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, Asian Unity Alliance, World Peace Development and Research Foundation and AAFT University of Media and Arts.

3rd Suraj Parkash Marwah Sahitya Ratan Awards Ceremony at Marwah Studios

मुंबई आर्ट फेअरच्या तिसऱ्या पर्वात ३५० कलाकार सादर करणार ‘मूर्त -अमूर्तकला संगम’

मुंबई आर्ट फेअरच्या तिसऱ्या पर्वात ३५० कलाकार सादर करणार ‘मूर्त -अमूर्तकला संगम’

  • देशभरातील चित्रांचा रंगोत्सव
  • २८ ते ३० ऑक्टोबरदम्यान नेहरू सेंटर येथे

मुंबई २०२२ : मुंबई हे देशातील सांस्कृतिक केंद्र असून कला महोत्सव, कला दालने, वस्तुसंग्रहालये हे या शहरातील जीवनशैलीचा अविभाज्य घटक आहेत. मुंबईत कला महोत्सव  कोरोना पूर्व काळापासून  लोकप्रिय असून या माध्यमातून उदयोन्मुख कालाकारांना प्रसिद्धी मिळते आणि त्यांना या क्षेत्रातील प्रस्थापितांसोबत एकाच व्यासपीठावर आपली कला सादर करण्याची संधी मिळते. मुंबई आर्ट फेअरच्या तिसऱ्या  पर्वात ‘‘मूर्त -अमूर्तकला संगम’ या मध्यवर्ती संकल्पनेवर आधारित कला प्रदर्शन आयोजित करण्यात आले आहे. या प्रदर्शनामध्ये प्रस्थापित कलाकारांपासून ते उदयोन्मुख कलाकारांपर्यंत, वय किंवा पात्रतेचे कोणतेही बंधन न ठेवता आणि लडाख ते कन्याकुमारीपर्यंतच्या कलाकारांच्याकलाकृती या प्रदर्शनात पाहायला मिळणार आहेत. या वर्षीच्या रंगोत्सवात ३५० कलाकार एकत्र येणार आहेत आणि देशभरातील वैविध्यपूर्ण चित्रांचे प्रदर्शन भरविण्यात येणार आहे. निसर्गचित्रे, व्यक्तीचित्रे, अॅबस्ट्रॅक्ट, वास्तवदर्शी चित्रे, शहरचित्रे, धार्मिक चित्रांपासून ते वैयक्तिक अनुभूतींपर्यंत विविध शैली व विषयांवरील चित्रे त्यांच्यात सखोल दडलेल्या अर्थासह येथे पाहता येणार आहेत. नेहरू सेंटरमध्ये २८ ते  ३० ऑक्टोबरदरम्यान हे प्रदर्शन भरविण्यात आले आहे.

या वर्षीच्या मुंबई आर्ट फेअरमध्ये वैविध्यपूर्ण कला, विविध प्रकारची माध्यमे, शैली आणि विषय समाविष्ट असून चोखंदळ कलासंग्राहकांना या कलकृती निश्चित पसंत पडतील. मुंबई आर्ट फेअरचे संचालक राजेंद्र पाटील  म्हणतात, “मुंबई आर्ट फेअरमध्ये अप्रतिम चित्रे आणि शिल्पांसोबत इतही अनेक कलाकृती पाहायला मिळतील आणि या महोत्सवामध्ये असलेली कलाकारांची उपस्थिती चोखंदळ प्रेक्षक, खरेदीदार आणि संग्राहकांच्या दृष्टीने महत्त्वाची ठरणार आहे. अमूर्त कला शैलीचा उगम मुळातच निसर्ग चित्रांमध्ये दळलेला असून या ठिकाणी आपल्या काही अप्रीम अमूत शैलीतील चित्रे पाहता येतील जी निरखून  पाहिल्यास मूर्तस्वरूपातीलच  निसर्ग चित्रांचा आभास करणारी अशी आहेत ”

वास्तवाऐवजी भावना, संवेदना, कल्पना आणि विषयभावांवर भर देत विविध कलाकार आणि शैली एकत्रित आणणे हे मुंबई आर्ट फेअरच्या तिसऱ्या पर्वाचे उद्दिष्ट आहे. या कला प्रदर्शनात कलाकार अॅबस्ट्रॅक्ट कला, निसर्गचित्रे, वास्तवदर्शी चित्रे, बौद्ध धर्म इत्यादी विविध विषयांवरील कलाकृती सादर करणार आहेत. जल्पा पटेल, प्रकाश बाळ जोशी, अंजली प्रभाकर, नेहा ठाकरे, नीलिमा दानी, नीलेश उपाध्याय, पूनम खानविलकर, आर सोलोमन, राहत काजमी, यांच्यासारखे कलाकार मुंबई आर्ट फेअरमध्ये सहभाग होणार आहेत. चित्रांसोबतच डॉ. शंकर शर्मा, पूर्वी लोहाना , मीना राघवन आदी चित्रकारांनी घडविलेले भारतीय पारंपरिक कलांशी नाळ जुळलेल्या अशा कलाकृतीसुद्धा प्रदर्शनात पाहायला मिळणार आहेत. काही कला प्रशिक्षण संस्थासुद्धा या प्रदर्शनात सहभागी होणार आहेत. कलाशाखेच्या विद्यार्थ्यांना दृश्यकलेचे प्रशिक्षण देण्यासोबतच व्यावसायिक कलाविश्वात शाही प्रवेश देण्यासाठी ते मुंबई आर्ट फेअरमध्ये समूह प्रदर्शन भरविणार आहेत.

काय:  मुंबई आर्ट फेअर तिसरी आवृत्ती

कुठे: नेहरू सेंटर, वरळी

कधी: २८ – ३० ऑक्टोबर २०२२

प्रवेश मोफत

——–Naarad PR and Image Strategists

Dr. Anusha Srinivasan Iyer: 9820535230.

Siddhant Gill: 9833775230.


मुंबई आर्ट फेअरच्या तिसऱ्या  पर्वात ३५० कलाकार सादर करणार ‘मूर्त -अमूर्तकला संगम’


Mumbai Art Fair Making A Grand Comeback After Two Years Of Pandemic

Mumbai Art Fair, a contemporary Art fair for independent artists is making a grand comeback in the Art Market after two years of pandemic with 350 artists exhibiting in 130 air-conditioned booths at Nehru Centre. Mumbai Art Fair is designed specially for independent artists who look for affordable options to exhibit their artworks in the metro cities and reach to the wider arts audience and potential art buyers.

More than 3500 paintings in various mediums such as oils, acrylics, water colour, pastels, charcoal with sculptures in stone, metal, and photographs by over 350 talented artists, few of them young, upcoming, mid-career as well as established are selected for presentation in this edition of Mumbai Art Fair. The diverse mix of landscapes, abstracts, figurative art and spiritual paintings, semi-nudes, rural and pastoral scenes, cityscapes and paintings on varied subjects  in myriad styles and numerous soft, bright and rustic hues are displayed at MAF, at the ground floor, discovery of India building, Nehru Centre from 28 to 30 Oct 2022.

Mumbai Art Fair (MAF) is bringing wide variety of ‘art choices’ in a very economical budget not only for seasoned buyers, but for budding art lovers. Art scene is changing slowly in India and art is no longer reserved just for high-end corporate and art collectors but today’s new millennials too started visiting art exhibitions to look for artworks to create inspiring and soothing ambiance around their living spaces.

This year MAF attracted diverse participation by many new faces among the regular participants working in different styles broaching plethora of subjects. In this year, regular names in the art fair circuit like Sayed Zuber Baker, Nishi Sharma, Anjali Prabhakar, Antra Shrivastava, Niyati Amlani, Neha Thackeray, Vineet Kaur, Beena Surana, Jalpa Patel, Vishal Sabley, R Soloman, S Vinitkumar, Sriparna Sinha, Soumen Kar, Om Tadkar, Naishita Reddy, Alpa Mistry, Rajitha, Manoj Swain, Rahat Kazmi, Prakash Bal Joshi, Prithvi Soni and others are set to mesmerized viewers by their varied creative output, rich in aesthetic content.

The works of Janhvi Bhide, Moshe Dayan, Praveen Naresh, Sachita Aditi, Yashvi Goyal, Dileep Kosode, Gursimaran Kaur, Ishita Malpani, Jenaifer Daruwalla, Kailas Kale, Mona Jain, Nakesha Bhosle, Neha Ruia are the kind of simplifications of reality in which artists have eliminated the details from recognisable objects leaving only the essence or some degree of recognisable form, representing things that aren’t visual, such as emotion, sound, or spiritual experience.  The artworks of Neha Thackeray, Pooja Ray, Rachana Miglani, Rahat Kazmi, Rajat Kumar, Rishail, Sateesh Dingankar, Shehbaaz Khan, Shruti Solanki, Suryakant Rajapkar and Vinitkumar lingers on the border of abstraction and semi-abstraction.

Lord Ganesha, the symbol of strength and power is portrayed by Chandrika Paurana, Madhuri Devlikar, Manoj Swain, Shivani Banerjee, and Sona Kapur, in their distinct style whereas artist Banani Kundu, Bhoomika Detroja, Hansa Bhatt, Jeenu Madan, Kinjal Gehlot, Prachi Selot Samota, Shubhangi Mehta, Sreenath Thampi, Suvarna Chawande, Vidya Shivramkrishnan and Yogita Kogle highlights creative life force through the depiction of their favourite divinities and faiths in the lines, colours and forms. Artist Naishita Reddy, Dollar Mandal, Gaurav Dagar, Ramesh Kumar, Santosh Lanjekar and Suraj Shukla are presenting realistic figurations with vibrant inventiveness through their works displayed at Mumbai Art Fair.

Akansha Punjabi, Jagadish Ray, Lata Malani, Shruti Srivastava, Darshan Mahajan, Archana Sharma, Neha Agrawal, Niyati Amlani, Pratibha Goel, Seema Oza, Shalini Gupta, Sonal Salekar, Sushma Oza, Vineet Kaur exhibiting at MAF have dealt with distinct colour to illustrate their visual ideas in ‘figurative’ genre, sometime in simple forms but making complex reading, creating strong narrative content.

The paintings of artist Anindita Biswas Roy, Basudeb Pradhan, Jayashree Gole, Rahul Naskar, Rakesh Sonkusare, Sriparna Sinha, Mousumi Sircar will make the viewer feel that they are right the middle of their painting; such is the mesmerising treatment given by these talented artists to their nature-scapes that viewer feel as though they can breathe the very air of the painting and reach out and touch the landscape as if it is real. The slightly different variant of abstract landscapes, cityscapes, architectural grandiose,  and flower-scape paintings by Atul Bhalerao, Chetan Bhosle, Padmini Bhatia, Rinni Patel, Sandeep Parkhie, Vittal Moppidy, Vyoma Parikh, K B Shikhare, R Soloman,  Radhika Bawa, Ravi Waybhat, Deepal Bhat, Hena Prasun, Shirish Ambekar, Anupama Thakur, Anuradha Bhalla, Ashdeep Babra, Diptina Kothari, Nidhi Sharma, Poonam Khanvilkar, Raksha Jesrani, Rohini Lokhande, Jasjit Sidhu and Neena Mehrok are the added attraction in the Mumbai Art Fair for the viewers.

The inspiring force behind the works by B Meghmala, Deepak Mukherjee, Monalisa Parikh, Namrita Nagra, Paridhi Jain, Sayali Nagarkar, Sudha Ramkrishnan, Vikram Bhatti, Vinayak Nigam and Vishal Sabley is their belief and faith that prompted them to create an impressive and wondrous works of art which generates mystical aura and spiritual vibrations around them. The amount of detailing in sculptures by Devel Sharma, Pankaj Gadakh, Soumen Kar, and Sujit Kumar Mukhopadhyay

is simply phenomenal and these sculptures are surely going to be an extra attraction in the art fair.

The Baroque animal painting tradition originated around seventeenth century in the western art world have found many followers across the world who portray animals, sometime using landscape as the background. Artist Alpana Dangi, Anna Kurian, Dipti Kumar, Rushan Shah and Shankar Rajput seems to be mesmerised by the beauty and power of different animals such as horses, bulls, elephants and stags. The other artists who got fascinated by wildlife are Haripriya Kulkarni, Jalpa Patel, Poonam Juvale, Praveena Parepalli and Saket Arbhi; their artworks are the visual treat for wild-life lovers visiting art fair. Viewers can select beautiful paintings from a charming variety of flying bird paintings executed dexterously by Anrita Basu, Bhaduri Shah Baria, Sanjivanee Bhoir and Shankar Pamarthy.

Richness and depth can be achieved in the subtle manipulation of light and shadow without colour. A world without colour is nonetheless rich in texture as the artist Akshata Shetty, Beena Surana, Chaitali Bareja Sharma, Ena Tondon, Insiya Patrawala, Kanishkar Mehra, Khurram Amir, Krish Nandi, Krupali Gondhalekar, Madhavi Bhaskar, Nikhil Usare, Raj Kumar, Rupali Mhatre and Vijay Kumawat explore a variety of themes and styles in a monochromatic pallet. The common thread that binds the works of Christina Ravi, Deepa Siddharth, Doyel Sinha, Kirthi Shetty, Kumaraswami B, Manju Das, Alpa Mistry, Namrata Bagwe, Priyanka Singh, Samridhi Sharma, Swarnajeet Kaur and Tara Isa is their female protagonists presented in various context and situations.

The use of geometric forms to create rhythmic patterns and fluid forms in the works of Annarapu Narendra, Jyoti Sharma, Mohit Jangid, Nirja Shah, Prachi Gala, Princy Jain, Uchit Turakhia and Vaishali Chanda is an experiment in illusion art that trick the eye and mind to perceive images different than what they are on the pictorial surface. The assemblage by Rohan Kunthale, Serigraph by Trishna Bhati and woodcuts by three generation of artists in Dubey family, black & white photograph by Sangram Naik, and surreal compositions by Aditi Khandelwal, Kaushal Parikh, Kunwar S S Punwar, Madhu Kuruva, Naveena Ganjoo and Subarna Bagchi compels the viewer to take a second look at them. Female nudes when done by female artist acquire the different dimension; this is demonstrated in the works of Meenakshi Shukla and Payal Moni.

Portraits displayed in the Mumbai Art Fair by Nilima Dani and Vineet Kaur and stylised works by B Narahari, Kashiram Pinjare and Saurabh Dhingare are the specimen of matured handling of subject with witty use of colour composition. Plethora of artworks by artist Anita Mukherjee, Atma Shyam, Bharati Hingane, Devvrat Singh Sengar, Divya Menon, Ramashankar Mishra, Shankar Sharma, Kanan Khant, Karishma Surve, Manjusha Kanade, Meena Raghavan, Navin Agarwal, Nikita Dani, Pinal Panchal, Rubina Hasan, Shalaka Patil, Shruti Kasana, Soni Singh, Sreenivasa Ram and Supriya Kaluskar are the form of tradition art or at least inspired by our traditional arts like Pichwai, Warli Art, Gond Art, Mughal style, and miniature art styles. Artists exhibiting in the Mumbai Art Fair Hiya Juthani, Nayana Patel, Nilesh Upadhyay, Pavani Nagpal, Praveen Kaveri, Purvi Lohana, Rhea Narkar, Seema Oza, and Shivani Patidar approach reality through the use of seemingly abstract looking colour patches and shades to create something as comprehensible as if it is real but still has dreamy quality to it akin to pseudo realism.

The enchantingly luminous water colour pieces by Gitanjali Shah, Mukta Kadam, Niyati Amlani and Shyam Karri combines the reflection of the white paper along with its texture exploiting the translucent tenderness of watercolour; the effect is wistful! Though Mukta Kadam do not fall in the temptation of using water colour’s qualities to boost its visual appeal but takes her artworks much more beyond merely what is overtly visible; they need multiple readings to dig deeper in her visual connotations. Artists Anjali Prabhakar, Antra Shrivastava, Bandana Kumari, Bhamini Sarda, Rajitha, Eshmeet Thapar, Jyoti Singh, Medha Nerurkar, Neerja Kujur, Preeti Shaw, Priya Kataria, Purnima Walunj, Riya Nahata, Sayed Bakar and Vinod Venkapalli visually communicate and symbolize fundamental truths of their subjects through the symbolic compositions.

Mumbai art fair is a sort of dawn for the independent artists; it forms a hub, a burgeoning estuary for the creative alignments of every kind; do come and be part of it in some way or the other. After the long pandemic, art fair works as a crucible of hyperactivity and generates enough energy to make a difference in the current art market.

–By Minakshi Patil

Exhibition        : MUMBAI ART FAIR
Venue : Nehru Centre, Discovery of India Building
Dr. A . B Rd, Worli, Mumbai

Date                : 28 to 30 Oct 2022
Timing :           11am to 7.30pm

——–Naarad PR and Image Strategists

Dr. Anusha Srinivasan Iyer: 9820535230.

Siddhant Gill: 9833775230.

Mumbai Art Fair making a grand comeback after two years of pandemic

पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम जी की जयंती के उपलक्ष्य में कार्यक्रम आयोजित -तहरीक अमन ए हिन्द समिति की ओर से हुआ आयोजन

पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम जी की जयंती के उपलक्ष्य में कार्यक्रम आयोजित – तहरीक अमन ए हिन्द समिति की ओर से हुआ आयोजन

तहरीक अमन ए हिंद समिति की ओर से भारत के पूर्व राष्ट्रपति, मिसाइलमैन, भारत रत्न डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम जी की जयंती के उपलक्ष में कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया गया।

तहरीक अमन ए हिन्द समिति के अध्यक्ष अमीन पठान ने बताया कि दोपहर 02:00 बजे से इंदिरा गांधी पंचायती राज एवं ग्रामीण विकास संस्थान, जेएलएन मार्ग जयपुर पर आयोजित हुए कार्यक्रम में प्रदेशभर से कई संस्थाओं से 500 से अधिक संख्या में युवा, महिलाएं एवं अन्य लोग शामिल हुए। कार्यक्रम की शुरुआत में अतिथियों ने पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम साहब की तस्वीर पर फूल चढ़ाकर खिराजे अकीदत पेश की। कार्यक्रम में मुख्य अतिथि के रुप में जांबिया अफ्रीका से (एनआरआई) जनाब जुनेद युसूफ साहब मौजूद रहे साथ ही तहरीक अमन ए हिंद समिति के अध्यक्ष अमीन पठान जी, भाजपा राजस्थान अल्पसंख्यक मोर्चा के प्रदेशाध्यक्ष जनाब एम सादिक खान साहब, सरदार अजय पाल सिंह जी, भाजपा प्रदेश महामंत्री श्री भजनलाल शर्मा जी, एच खान जी, श्री लक्ष्मीकांत भारद्वाज जी, जनाब सैयद कादरी साहब, तहरीक अमन ए हिन्द समिति के सचिव अनस पठान   सहित मोअज्जिज लोग मौजूद रहे।

कार्यक्रम को संबोधित करते हुए मुख्य अतिथि जनाब जुनेद युसूफ साहब ने पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम साहब के जीवन पर विचार व्यक्त करते हुए उन्हें आज के युवाओं के लिए आदर्श व्यक्तित्व बताते हुए उनसे प्रेरणा लेने के लिए प्रेरित किया। मुख्य अतिथि साहब ने कहा कि जिस प्रकार से कलाम साहब ने अभावों में जीवन व्यतीत करते हुए अपनी तालीम पूरी की एवं एक महान वैज्ञानिक व मिसाइलमैन के रूप में देश को अपनी सेवाएं दी उसी प्रकार आज की पीढ़ी को भी उनसे सीख लेते हुए निरंतर कठोर परिश्रम करते हुए देश हित में अपना योगदान देना चाहिए। इसी प्रकार भाजपा प्रदेश महामंत्री श्री भजनलाल जी ने अपने सम्बोधन में कहा कि आज के युवाओं को पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ कलाम साहब से प्रेरणा लेते हुए कठोर परिश्रम से घबराना नहीं चाहिए और निरंतर कठिनाइयों का सामना करते हुए भी अपनी शिक्षा दीक्षा पूरी करते हुए जीवन में सफल होना चाहिए। इसके साथ ही सरदार अजय पाल जी ने अपने संबोधन में डॉक्टर अब्दुल कलाम साहब को युवाओं का प्रेरणा स्रोत बताते हुए उनके आदर्शों पर चलने पर जोर दिया, एवं अतिथियों ने डॉक्टर कलाम साहब के जीवन से प्रेरणा लेने की बात कहते हुए युवाओं की तालीम पर जोर दिया और कहा कि सभी नौजवानों को तालीम जरूर हासिल करनी चाहिए, और देश के प्रति समर्पित होते हुए देश हित में कार्य करना चाहिए।

कार्यक्रम के अंत में संबोधित करते हुए तहरीक अमन ए हिंद समिति के अध्यक्ष अमीन पठान ने मुख्य अतिथि एवं सभी अतिथियों का धन्यवाद ज्ञापित करते हुए कहा की इस संस्था का उद्देश्य नई पीढ़ी के युवाओं की बेहतरीन तालीम के लिए काम करना है और यह संस्था निरंतर जरूरतमंद युवाओं को तालीम के लिए आवश्यक सहयोग करने के लिए तत्पर रहती है। इस संस्था का उद्देश्य है कि कोई भी युवा तालीम से वंचित ना रहे जिससे कि देश के विकास में रुकावट पैदा हो। अतः भारत के पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम साहब जोकि हमारे प्रेरणास्रोत और मार्गदर्शक रहे हैं उन्हीं के पद चिन्हों पर चलते हुए यह संस्था सभी के लिए तालीम की व्यवस्था करने हेतु सदैव तत्पर है।

इसके साथ ही संस्था के अध्यक्ष अमीन पठान ने सभी आगंतुक मुख्य अतिथि एवं अतिथियों को स्मृति चिन्ह भेंट कर सम्मानित किया।


पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम जी की जयंती के उपलक्ष्य में कार्यक्रम आयोजित – तहरीक अमन ए हिन्द समिति की ओर से हुआ आयोजन