Interview With A Versatile Fashion Designer Sarath Krishnan

Now a days, a name Sarath Krishnan is doing very well in fashion designing. Krishnan was born and brought up in Mumbai to a middle class family. Here we met him and asked him about his passion called ‘Fashion’.

Que.) What does fashion mean to you as a developing fashion designer?

Sarath Krishnan: Fashion means everything to me. It’s a lifestyle where people find their comfort in their day today life. As a developing designer it’s important to take the familiar but to create news pieces: new textures, textiles, colours, print works of art. As I do a lot of handwork, it is important for me to ensure each piece is unique in its own way.

Que.) What interests you about fashion?

Sarath Krishnan: The Fashion world is a completely a fascinating world for me to be in. I get the opportunity every day to create new fashion and new understanding about new creativity.   My creation can be worn by 2 different people, accessorized or paired differently creating the ultimate expression of freedom.

Que.) What don’t you love about fashion?

Sarath Krishnan: I love everything about fashion! There’s nothing I don’t like.  Every stone, bead, crystal, thread, sequence is strategically placed to complete a larger work of art.

Que.) What would one special thing about a design be that would catch your attention?

Sarath Krishnan:Simplicity is the best form of fashion, which catches my attention.

Que.) Do you think social, economic and technical factors have affected fashion over the years? How?

Sarath Krishnan:Social, economic and technical factors have always been a source of inspiration for me.  Each client that I am creating a custom piece for, all of these factors and more are always considered.  Considering who is wearing it, what is theevent,what statement it message for they want to share.  My work is technical in it’s own way, in a way only a designer could ever understand.

Que.) Would you expect a fashion show to go over an hour?

Sarath Krishnan:If the idea and the clothing have are extremely creative it can hold any one for more couple of hours.

Que.) Would you prefer to go to a fashion show where the designer used unique materials such as bottles or would you prefer it if the designer used clothing materials such as cotton and fabric that you could wear on the street?

Sarath Krishnan:Yes if that’s  the medium a designer chooses to tell a story. If it’s complementing or enhancing the overall presentation of the garment.

Que.) What skills do you think someone would need to put on a fashion show?

Sarath Krishnan:Creativity and perfection that the skill

Que.)  As a final note what would make a good fashion show?

Sarath Krishnan: Extremely good garments, good models, perfect music, amazing makeover and loyalty to your work and a perfect craftsman ship.

Pagalpanti Sets A New Benchmark In High Budget Movie In Gujarati Cinema

Pagalpanti Gujarati movie is all about Indianpanti where a group of tourist go on Fiji island and where they encounter various situations. It is the first Gujarati movie with high budget and lot of actors and actress.

We have seen more Bollywood and Marathi movies where the film budget is high but this time the Gujarati cinema is not lacking back. It includes famous actors like Rahul dev and Ali Asgar and the film is directed by Jackee Patel.

Here the film is shooted in Fiji island with a lot of characters. Since it was a high budget movie the teaser of the movie was launched in an event at Ahmedabad. It will be also screened as Pagalpanti Bollywood movie. The music for the movie is given by Bollywood’s sensational singers Aamantrika, Arvind Vegda, ParthOza, JigardanGadhavi and HimaliVyaz.

Solets be proud of our Gujarati cinema where they have strove so hard for a movie.

Muhurat and Poster Launch Hindi Film – Match Of Life – at Country Club

Muhurat  and Poster Launch Hindi Film “Match of life” .

Presented BY Yashika Motion Pictures, is full of Entertainment, one line story Match of life this is a story of three friends who individually plays the match of their life our first character is Yash Mehta who is unknown of his problem of hormonal disbalance in the night the second character of the movie is Bunty Chopra who is unaware of technology of 21st century the third character of our film is Amit Mishra look alike Virat Kohli when a common man having a face of celebrity how many problems he faces what are the positive circumstances and what are the negative circumstances and after the interval the villain of this film will enter.

Supported by Actor Shiva,Alpana Chakraborty, Kimaya Bhattacharya,Bhakti Kapoor and otherStar cast yet to finalized.

Producer- Vishal Mehta.

Director- Salim Khan.

Music Director- Ravi Chopra and Shweta Baheti. Lyrics – Shweta Baheti Tayal.

Associate Partner -Hindi Film Development Trade Association


SUPPORTED BY Cinema Aajtak Magazine, Leomedia and Metro Mumbai T.V Channel and many other channels


Perfect Miss & Mr Teen India 2018 – Concept Unveiled

The *”Perfect Woman”* brand’s latest offering is a mega talent show-cum-beauty pageant for Generation Y, which will debut on May 30, 2018 at Mumbai.

Following with the contestants congregated for a ‘meet and greet’ interaction, which was held on May 24, 2018  At *Flags Avant Garde* ( Restaurant & Banquet ) Andheri, Mumbai Our (Press Conference Venue Partner )

The panel included Singer Shibani Kashyap, Actor/ Producer Sweety Waalia, *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”* Organizers *Gurubhai Thakkar* and *Dr Khooshi Gurubhai*. Representatives of the brands associated with the pageant and key designers were also present along with the contestants and their parents. Several Perfect Miss India contestants and the winner of 2017 were present to motivate the aspiring teens who displayed their talents and made quite an impression on those gathered. The teen contestants were provided expert guidance on polishing communication skills. Shortlisted contestants will be groomed for the Grand Finale by *Ashleysha Yesugade*, one of *Asia’s top 10 supermodels 2018* and listed among the world’s 100 sexiest women!

Sharing the genesis of the new concept, *Dr Khooshi Gurubhai* explained, As Confucius righty said, *’Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it*,’ Gurubhai Thakkar to her support extended the interview stating *”Yes given proper guidance and supports teens today can do wonders”* We are here to uncover the magnificence hidden within the Youth of India, with a talent pageant that’s like none other you have ever seen. *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”* is in a league of its own because its exploration of beauty is not just skin deep but at a holistic level. Our quest is to discover talented and inspiring role models who can motivate and be emulated by the 21st century millennial generation. Get set to meet the nation’s new Youth Icons, *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”*  very soon!”

Key takeaways shared during the interaction

Gift of Knowledge to Talented Individuals – Scholarships for Winners and Contestants.

Final Contestants will be groomed for careers in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry.

Debut of a Niche Platform where Teens will be mentored to represent India at International forums.

Compliments DR GEET.

Star Book Media and Indywood Talent Hunt Join Hands To Promote Young Talents

Hyderabad (24-05-2018): With an aim to provide more opportunities for youngsters to showcase their talents, Bangalore-based Star Book Media Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading casting, media and infotainment companies in the country, has joined hands with Hyderabad-headquartered Indywood Talent Hunt (ITH), a premier national-level platform to discover creative talents in various artistic and cultural domains.

ITH will be held as a part of the Indywood Film Carnival, the flagship event of the 10 billion US dollar Project Indywood.

As part of the agreement, Star Book will promote two national-level competitions of Indywood Talent Hunt 2018 (ITH 2018) – Still Photography and Short Film Making as Operations Partner.

Announcing this officially, Golla Krishna, CEO of Star Book Media Pvt. Ltd., said “We will be handling the Operations, Jury Management and Online Promotions for two events under ITH 2018.”

Indywood Founder Director Sohan Roy said “It is our privilege to associate with a prominent organization and we definitely believe that maximum youngsters will be benefitted. Indywood Talent Hunt has now become a stepping stone for young talents in the country to enter into films and other avenues of entertainment. Over twenty competitions will be conducted as part of Indywood Talent Hunt 2018, including the fashion pageant Mr and Miss Indywood.”

The winners will be rewarded with a cash award of Rs. 1 lakh each besides an opportunity to enter the film industry. The competitions are managed by Indywood Talent Club, a network of student clubs from across the country, to promote arts and culture through events.

The fourth edition of Indywood Film Carnival will be held at Hyderabad from December 1st to 5th 2018. The event shall comprise of the All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF), Indywood Film Market, Investors Meet, Excellence Awards and an array of entertainment programmes.

Several celebrities, social influencers and delegates from the film, advertising and media industries will attend the ITH 2018.

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