मुस्कान शर्मा की शार्ट फ़िल्म “फरियाद” की स्पेशल स्क्रीनिंग बलात्कारियों को तुरंत व सख्त सजा देने की फरियाद

ऎक्ट्रेस मुस्कान शर्मा के मुख्य अभिनय से सजी शार्ट फ़िल्म फरियाद की स्पेशल स्क्रीनिंग मुम्बई के रेड बल्ब में रखी गई जहां मुस्कान शर्मा, रेहान राय सहित फ़िल्म की पूरी टीम मौजूद थी। इस अवसर पर मुस्कान शर्मा के काफी दोस्त, सोशल मीडिया इंफ्लुएंसर भी उनका हौसला बढ़ाने आए। सभी ने फ़िल्म को काफी पसन्द किया।

परिंदा फिल्म्स एंड म्यूज़िक प्रेजेंट फ़िल्म फरियाद के निर्देशक इब्राहिम अनवर शेख, लेखक श्याम जैस्वर,सिंगर गुल सक्सेना, संगीतकार दानिश आलम हैं। इस फ़िल्म की टैगलाइन है कब होगी बेटी आज़ाद, एक मां की फरियाद। फ़िल्म काफी प्रभावी बनाई गई है जिसमे मुस्कान शर्मा की एक्टिंग की सभी ने तारीफ की। उन्होंने इस फ़िल्म के जरिये समाज को एक मैसेज दिया है और देश मे बलात्कार की बढ़ती घटनाओं और पुरुषों की मानसिकता पर सवाल खड़ा किया है।

मुस्कान शर्मा ने कहा कि सरकार से मेरी यही फरियाद है कि बलात्कारियों को जल्द और सख्त सजा देनी चाहिए वरना ऐसा न हो कि मां अपनी बच्चियों को पैदा होते ही मार दें। मैंने भी इस फ़िल्म में एक गर्भवती महिला का किरदार अदा किया है और वह इस तरह की खबरें अखबार में पढ़कर और टीवी पर देखकर परेशान है कि देश मे लड़कियों के साथ गैंगरेप, बलात्कार, हत्या हो रही है।  एक गर्भवती औरत का किरदार करना काफी चैलेंजिंग रहा।

मुस्कान शर्मा ने आगे कहा कि यह फ़िल्म हमने 24 घन्टे में शूट की लेकिन फ्लोर पर जाने से पहले काफी होम वर्क किया गया था।

मुस्कान के साथी एक्टर रेहान राय ने बताया कि फ़िल्म में मेरा किरदार शार्ट है मगर इम्पैक्टफुल है। इस फ़िल्म का सब्जेक्ट बहुत ही सेंसेटिव है, दर्शक इसको गम्भीरता से लें। मुस्कान के साथ वर्किंग एक्सपीरियंस कमाल का रहा। वह बहुत हार्ड वर्किंग गर्ल हैं। इस फ़िल्म में फरियाद गाना भी बहुत ही बेहतरीन है जो आपको याद रह जाता है।

फ़िल्म फरियाद के निर्माता आरुष तिवारी, डीओपी कमल यादव व अफजल जी मीर, मिक्स मास्टर इमरान एस सैफी, ग्राफिक्स डिज़ाइनर सादिक शेख और पीआर एजेंसी फेम मीडिया है।


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A Mesmerising Rendition Of Nazar Nazar Se By Sameer Khan On Tips Official’s Youtube Channel For Skoda Presents Tips Rewind

Produced by- Kumar Taurani, sung by- Sameer Khan, Co- singer- Abdul Shaikh, Lyricist- Tasneem Farooqi , Additional lyricist – Priyanka Raina Bala, Music composer – Jagjit Singh, Additional music composer – Shamir Tandon, Anchor- Priya Malik,  Curated by- Saksham Tandon, Couture- Fatiz, Agency partner- Media Vantage

Tips released another ghazal from the series of Tips Rewind, titled “Nazar Nazar Se” by singer Sameer Khan.

Sameer Khan says “The longing, the pain of separation, unrequited love, silent admiration,  his ghazals touched upon these emotions beautifully. He expressed all that and more in a silken voice that captivated the listener in no time”

Tips Rewind platform will bring together India’s most talented and popular artists, who will showcase & perform the mesmerising renditions of Jagjit Singh’s on the same stage. Artist line up includes – Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Babul Supriyo, Shaan, Sameer Khan, Ankit Tiwari, Talat Aziz, Amit Mishra, Bandish, Ash King, Shahid Mallya & Navraj Hans.

Watch The Video

Tips Music Is Fascinating The Audience With A Religious Offering For The Youth Of Today Titled – Bheli Rehje Re Sung By Jigardan Gadhavi

“Bheli Rehje Re” gives you a high, intangible bond with the Mogal Ma. It is a harmonious devotional which will explore a different outlook of oneness of lord.

The specialty of Tips Music is selecting the right kind of music, and making it astonishing and making the onlookers fall in love with the lyrics. also a great piece of work. They have been the innovators as they have always stayed a cut above of the industry.

Kumar Taurani says, “At Tips, we focus to present the best to our audience. We have always been driven by alteration and will pursue to do so.”

Jigardan Gadhavi says, “When you truly give way to the supreme you get the real means of everything. All the doubt, hesitation, worries vanishes, and delightness of joy remains. When you are enlightened you can spread the enlightenment. This song is an inbuilt channel to be one with oneness and spread positivity around you & others.”

Composed-Written and Sung By – Jigardan Gadhavi Creative Head – Priya Saraiya Music Arranged & Programmed: Jay Mavani Backing Vocals: Vaidehi Painter, Jhanvi Soni, Biju Nambiar Mixed and Mastered – Manasi Tare.


Watch The Song

Unveil the meaning of life with the Iconic Treasure song Hosh Waalon Ko Khabar Kya by Bandish for Tips and Skoda Presents TIPS REWIND a Tribute to Jagjit Singh

Produced by Kumar Taurani, Singer: Bandish , Lyricist: Nida Fazli, Additional Lyrics: Priyanka R Bala ,Music Director: Jagjit Singh, Additional Music Composer: Shamir Tandon ,Anchor: Priya Malik , Curated By: Saksham Tandon , Couture: Fatiz ,Agency Partner: Media Vantage

Tips released another iconic treasure from the series of Tips Rewind, titled ‘Hosh waalon ko kya pata’ by Bandish

Bandish says, “It was extremely creative and fulfilling to re-imagine legend Jagjitjis’s sonic ambiance of the ghazal. Each and every word of the song touches the soul of the listener. Connoisseurs of Hindustani classical music cherish his compositions to date. He left a great legacy and singing his song was an honor for me. I also want to congratulate and appreciate Tips music and Kumar Taurani sir for coming up with this amazing musical treasure of Jagjit Singhji.”

Tips Rewind platform will bring together India’s most talented and popular artists, who will showcase & perform the mesmerizing renditions of Jagjit Singh’s on the same stage. The Artist lineup includes – Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Babul Supriyo, Shaan, Sameer Khan, Ankit Tiwari, Talat Aziz, Amit Mishra, Bandish, Ash King, Shahid Mallya & Navraj Hans.


Watch The Video Below.

Laazmi Song Starring model-actress Aruna Arya Gupta and a well-known actor Sumit Bhardwaj

Laazmi is a melody that melts the heart. The stirring song, Laazmi, is sung by the heartfelt voice of Kinjal Chatterjee. While the lyrics are penned by Aruna Arya Gupta herself who is an author and lyricist first, the energetic music is delivered by Mayookh Bhaumik.

Produced by From Every Pore and directed by Sandeep Ghosal (Sandy), the music video is released in association with M. Sandhu Production. The video is shot in the beautiful locales in the beach town near Kolkata, where glancing through the ocean, one can see innumerable waves as far as the vision can decipher. This song describes a scenario where a man is entrusting his every thought with the woman he loves as if she is his personal diary. Actress Aruna’s perfect beauty simply blends with the awe inspiring and beautiful ocean waves. Both Aruna and Sumit looks stunning in every second of the video, and can be seen moving around lost in thoughts.

Aruna Arya, once again thawed millions of hearts with her bewitching beauty and amazing lyrics. She is a critically acclaimed poet and author and has published several books, including Amazon bestseller, Repentance. She is the curator of ‘From Every Pore’, a popular forum intended to express literary and artistic works. Sumit is an accomplished TV actor and has acted in several popular shows.

Whether you’re just falling in love or want to show him your love is here to stay, this song is perfect!


Full Video Song

Ashar Anis Khan’s Music Album Cassette released worldwide on 12 OTT Platforms & Television

Music Composer & Producer Ashar Anis Khan released his 4th music album Cassette. In a packed house Premiere held at Red Bulb Studio in Mumbai. Actor Salman Shaikh & debutant Shivangi Rai has done commendable job in the song. The song has been shot with a great storyline and a conceptual video is winning hearts. Produced by Sifar Productions Hungama Music & Hungama Artist Aloud has released the video across the globe. Music video is directed by Dipanshu Saini & sung by renowned singer Shahid Mallya.

Actors Jasveer Kaur, Shweta Khanduri & Vandana Lalwani Verma were stunned by the performances in the music video, & said salman has outdone himself in this music video.

Ashar said he wanted to make this song like a movie, so he along with his team tried to make something worth watching. I want to appeal everyone to watch this song and appreciate good music. Content is king everywhere, so please give it a watch.

Singer shahid mallya said, Ashar is an amazing composer & we loved the video, we wish the best for Ashar, he composed an amazing song.

Actor Salman shaikh said, Ashar is very dear friend and this is my second music album with him, with director Dipanshu saini by side, who’s one of finest directors we worked with. Ive been a big fan of shahid mallya & we felt extremely special as we got to act on his voice.

Actor shivangi has done a fantastic job as her debut. Shes extremely hardworking and she love the passion she has for acting.

Actress Shivangi Rai was an engineer before she became an actress. She thanked Ashar, Dipanshu & team Sifar for being supportive and giving so much of love. Shivangi said, she played different shades in the video, anger, intimate, sadness etc, and it was very challenging as her first, but my director made me so comfortable that you all are showering love to the album.

Director Dipanshu said, this song is not less than a film song. Ashar is my very close friend and this is our 4th music video, Ashar never interfere in my work or any other video team, which is a brilliant quality.

Working with Salman & Shivangi was great fun & great experience.

The Song cinematographer Iqbal Ansari got a bit emotional while talking about his experience working on this song.


The music album is distributed by Hungama & Hungama Artist Aloud. Prashant, Manvi duggal are praising the video.