Poster Launch Of Producer Director Sanjiv R Singh’s Comedy Hindi Film RANGEELA DAARUWALA

The poster of the soon to be released comedy Hindi film “Rangeela Daaruwala” has been launched. Its trailer and music will be launched next month. The film is produced and directed by Sanjiv R Singh while dashing star Ashoka Thackur and Ganga Adhikari have played lead roles in this film. The producers of the film are Sanjiv R Singh, Chetan P Jhala and Ravina. Made under the banner of Gaa Motion Pictures and Landmark Motion Pictures, this film stars Shah Alam as Daaruwala while creative director Satyajit Rajput has also played an important role in the film. The writer of the film is Anand Rao. The tagline on the film’s poster is attractive “No Logic, No Magic Only Entertainment”.

The film’s producer director Sanjiv R Singh is also the DOP. He has done many films as a cinematographer and now he is going to start his innings as a director with this film. He says that this is a very situational comedy in which all the actors have worked very hard and with passion. Cinema is not made only with money but with passion and you will see this passion in the film.

This is also the first film of the film’s dashing star Ashoka Thackur and he is very excited about it. He said that his experience of working with actress Ganga was memorable. The film will make you laugh a lot and will entertain you a lot. Sanjiv Singh ji is an amazing director.

Beautiful actress Ganga Adhikari said that she also has a lot of expectations from this film. It is a film with a lot of comic timing. Producer director Sanjiv Singh has made it with a lot of passion. Its songs are also very good.


Poster Launch Of Producer Director Sanjiv R Singh’s Comedy Hindi Film RANGEELA DAARUWALA

FASHION RUNWAY OF INDIA 2024 1st Season Held In Bengaluru By Showtheeme Production

Bengaluru : 23rd June ,2024  Fashion Runway of India 2024 was held on 24th June at Fortune park JP Celestial hotel, ITC group,  Bengaluru Karnataka. The Runway was curated and managed by  Sanjeev  kumar – Showtheeme production whereas associate partners were  Black pearl a clothing brand & Bharat retro musical group , Bengaluru.

Mitesh Upadhaya Founder director Black pearl and associate partner of the Runway said that all Designers have given their best in the show .

Sanjeev Kumar Runway organizer said that about 14 designers have showcased their brand in the 1st season and about 45 female models and 20 male models have walked on the ramp wearing the designers clothes of different brands respectively. It is a composition of upcoming Designers & branded designers.

Few of known designers were  Raj Sharma Raj Collections, Aarohi Dhole  official designer of black pearl run, Forever Naveen Kumar , Geethus Gravity Designer studio by Geeta Ramchandra , Afroz designer , Jai Prakash Reddy ( Indian Design Institute ,Bengaluru), king shuk Badhuriya, Animal Brand  and others . Grand finale closing of the Runway was done by Black Pearl clothing brand with the bollywood celebrities as show stoppers-  Aashit Chatterjee actor, prerna Bhatt actress and model & Shilpi Chugh actress & model.

The show director and choreographer was Mallone from the Mallone Fashion world, Runway Music director – Manmeet Paul whereas Runway was hosted and anchored by Promodh Kumar.

Runway was managed by  Bharat ji and Siya directors of Showtheeme productions whereas backstage was managed by Utkarsha and team. Beauty & Makeup partner   Lakme Academy Bengaluru. Raghav Kapoor was a guest celebrity singer of the show. Whereas Bhargav actor and Swathi actress from sandal wood , Aashit.Chatterjee actor, prerna Bhatt actress & model , Shilpi Chugh actress & Fitness trainer and Influencer were the celebrity guests and show stoppers of the Runway.Celebrites make up done by Aarohi Dhole & Lakme.  Fashion herald was the magazine partner, Films Today & perfect Women were the official Magazine partners and news patrolling was the official digital media partner of the Runway.


FASHION RUNWAY OF INDIA 2024 1st Season Held In Bengaluru By Showtheeme Production

Reaching Up Hill Tasks With In No Time SYED UMAR From Kishtwar J&K

Exclusive Story RAJA SARFARAZ

In a dozy of Modern aesthetics and tranquility the flabbergasted consisting change is Digital X factor that has been a boon to Economy and Social changes Youth is now more inclined towards content management and processing, Syed Umar from Jammu and Kashmir is One of the best example who has came up with great success story in terms of Digital marketing ,Content Production and Digital Economy Crossing Global context and Making it to the Next Level .We Had Chat with Umar and here is story that inspires Youth.

Sir Tell us about Your self and Journey As a Content creator and Travel blooger?

Myself  Syed Umar form “Kishtwar” Jammu and Kashmir  …!

I started my journey as vloger  and content creator from past 1.5 years .

What is Imapct on Economy being an Influencer from J&k?

The impact on j&k’s economy as an influencer is very good , because I am exploring new and unique places of J&K and uplifting them on Instagram ,Facebook and YouTube .. from which tourists are coming from different parts of our India …!

What challenges you faced during Journey, your Next Goals?

“Challenges” As my point of view each and every second of life is a challenge … As a started travel blogging … society starts criticising me and also other challenges starts coming in my life , but i tolerate every thing and focused on my goal …!

A message to Youth as Youth Icon from J&k?

“Message for youths” As a youth icon form J&K … the only thing that I want to say for the youths is start hardwork also do smart work , struggling , avoid bad things like drugs …! And stay focused on your  goal ..! That’s it.


Reaching Up Hill Tasks With In No Time SYED UMAR From Kishtwar J&K

OTT Release Of Ek Kadam Short Film By Prince Movies Mr Rakesh Sabharwal

Film got 9 international awards casting Renuka shahne producer Amruta dudhani from USA of Dodhani films

OTT are

Hungama play

Airtel Xstream

Voda play

Humaramovie utube

A very interesting film must watch

For all india and worldwide film distribution connect Prince movies on id

Trailor link and poster here

OTT Release Of Ek Kadam Short Film By Prince Movies Mr Rakesh Sabharwal

Actress BHAGYASHREE CHAUHAN Enters Bollywood With A Bang In Movie JNU: Jahangir National University

Bhagyashree Chauhan is all set to make a grand entry into Bollywood with her debut feature film, “JNU: Jahangir National University.” The trailer, which was recently released, has already garnered significant attention, showcasing a promising glimpse of Bhagyashree’s talent. The film is scheduled to release on June 21, 2024, and is one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

Bhagyashree Chauhan: A Journey of Talent and Dedication

Bhagyashree has built a commendable career through her performances in various music videos and short films. Known for her expressive acting and captivating screen presence, she has won the hearts of many. Her transition from music videos to a full-fledged Bollywood feature film marks a significant milestone in her career.

The Film’s Creative Vision

“JNU: Jahangir National University” is directed by Vinay Sharma and produced by Pratima Datta. The film boasts a stellar cast, including Urvashi Rautela, Siddharth Bodke, Piyush Mishra, Ravi Kishan, Vijay Raaz, Rashami Desai, Sonnalli Seygall, Atul Pandey, and Kunj Anand. Bhagyashree’s role in the film is eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike.

Behind the Scenes Excellence

The film’s visual storytelling is crafted by Parth Navle, the Director of Photography, while Sanjay Sankla handles the editing, ensuring a seamless narrative flow. The music, composed by Vijay Verma, Amjad Nadeem, and Yash Tiwari, promises to enhance the film’s emotional and dramatic appeal.

Bhagyashree’s Impactful Role

Although specific details about Bhagyashree’s role are under wraps, the trailer hints at a character that adds significant depth to the storyline. Her ability to portray complex emotions and connect with the audience is expected to shine through in this film.

Trailer Release and Audience Reception

The release of the trailer has been met with enthusiasm and anticipation. The film’s gripping plot, combined with powerful performances, has set high expectations. Bhagyashree Chauhan’s debut is one of the key highlights, with many looking forward to her performance.

Anticipation for the Release

As the release date of June 21, 2024, draws near, excitement continues to build. Bhagyashree Chauhan’s journey from music videos to a major Bollywood film is a testament to her talent and hard work. Her debut in “JNU: Jahangir National University” is poised to be a significant moment in her career.

Be sure to watch “JNU: Jahangir National University” in theaters on June 21, 2024, and witness the debut of Bhagyashree Chauhan, a promising new talent in Bollywood.


Actress BHAGYASHREE CHAUHAN Enters Bollywood With A Bang In Movie JNU: Jahangir National University

Dr. Sandeep Marwah Honored by Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere for Promoting Indo-UK Relations

London, UK – In a distinguished ceremony held at Hotel Grosvenor, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and ICMEI-International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, was honored by Councillor Parveen Rani, the Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere, for his exceptional contributions to promoting relations between India and the United Kingdom.

The event celebrated Dr. Marwah’s extensive work across various fields, including education, media and entertainment, and social work. His efforts have garnered international recognition, making a significant impact worldwide, including in the UK.

“I appreciate and admire the way Dr. Sandeep Marwah has been working in all spheres of life, whether it be education, media and entertainment, or social work. His efforts are known to the whole world, including the United Kingdom,” said Deputy Mayor Parveen Rani. She extended her respect to Dr. Marwah for his tireless dedication to society and various humanitarian causes, presenting him with an award to recognize his significant contributions.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Marwah expressed his gratitude for the honor and thanked Deputy Mayor Rani for her encouragement. “I am deeply honored to receive this recognition. It motivates me to continue my efforts in public service. I have realized that it is not necessary to be in politics to do a good job; what matters is the impact we make through our actions,” said Dr. Marwah.

The ceremony also highlighted Dr. Marwah’s role in various international forums, including the Indo-UK Film and Cultural Forum and the Indo-Wales Creative Forum, which have been instrumental in promoting cultural diplomacy and mutual understanding between the two countries.

The event concluded with Deputy Mayor Rani acknowledging the importance of such initiatives in building stronger Indo-UK relations. “Dr. Marwah’s work is a testament to the power of cultural and educational exchanges in bridging gaps and fostering goodwill between nations. We are proud to support and honor his contributions,” she said.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah Honored by Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere for Promoting Indo-UK Relations