The MISS NORTH INDIA 2024 2024 Show Was Organized Under The Banner Of Mumbai Event Company And My Dream India Foundation

The beauty pageant show ‘Miss North India 2024’ was organized in Chandigarh. The organizer of this beauty contest is Ramprasad Sharma. R.P. Sharma is a garment businessman and has been organizing beauty pageant shows for many years.  Media partner for this beauty show is Mayuri Media Works and their CEO is Puneet Khare.

The Miss North India 2024 show was organized under the banner of Mumbai Event Company and My Dream India Foundation. The show’s assciote was ‘Vandu Masale Sabse Nirale’. More than 25 models from different cities participated in this beauty pageant show. The winner of this show was Yashika Sharma.

The first runner-up was Avish Kaur, and the second runner-up was Jehan. The guest of honor at this show were Harinder Singh, the owner of King Groups, Lt General S.K. Kaushal, former DGP of Punjab S. Rajendra Singh, former Minister of Social Security and Woman Welfare Gurkaval Kaur, and Amandeep Mittal, Director of North States India (IHRC). The show was hosted by Simran Ahuja. The event management of the show was done by Dinesh Sardana. The choreography of the show was done by Bobby.

The selection of all these participants was done through an online contest. The beauty pageant show Miss North India 2024 winner was awarded a cash prize and crowned. The winner will also be given the opportunity to work as a model and actress in Hindi music videos. R.P. Sharma said that the purpose of organizing such beauty pageant shows is to boost the confidence of today’s youth and provide a platform to advance their careers. Miss North India show is not just a means of showcasing a woman’s beauty, but also a means of understanding and nurturing their intelligence and knowledge.

This show was organized with a focus on elegance and standards, featuring Western, Ethnic, and Sari attire. The grand beauty pageant show was organized in Chandigarh for the first time. Shriya Deshmukh and Ayesha Shetty from Mumbai were also present at this beauty pageant show. They launched their brand ‘Shreesha’ at this show. All the models of the ‘Shreesha’ brand walked the ramp in Indian attire at this show.

The MISS NORTH INDIA 2024 2024 Show Was Organized Under The Banner Of Mumbai Event Company And My Dream India Foundation

Sandeep Marwah Honored by International Book of Honour, London UK for Promoting International Relations

London, UK – In a grand recognition of his relentless efforts to foster international relations, Dr. Sandeep Marwah has been honored by Diwakar Sukul of the International Book of Honour, London, UK. This prestigious accolade highlights Dr. Marwah’s exceptional contributions to promoting global harmony through art, culture, and media. The event was  earlier  held at House of Lords , British Parliament in London.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, serving as the Ambassador of Wales to India and Chair for the Indo Wales Creative Forum and Indo UK Film and Cultural Forum, has been a beacon of cultural diplomacy. His initiatives have significantly strengthened the cultural ties between India and Wales, as well as other nations. “We could only solve our problems by cooperating with other countries,” said Dr. Marwah. “Love, peace, and unity can be brought to the world only through art and culture.”

Diwakar Sukul, while presenting the honor, emphasized the unique role Dr. Marwah has played in enhancing India’s international relations. “Dr. Marwah is one of those exclusive individuals who has always prioritized international relations of India above any other national or international business. He is probably the only Indian who has brought more than 200 international accolades and awards to India from all over the world,” Sukul remarked.

Dr. Marwah’s vision and leadership in the Indo Wales Creative Forum and Indo UK Film and Cultural Forum have paved the way for numerous collaborative projects, artistic exchanges, and cultural festivals. These platforms have not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of India but have also facilitated a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Sandeep Marwah expressed his profound gratitude for the honor. He reiterated his commitment to using art and culture as instruments of peace and unity. “It is through art and culture that we can bridge divides and build a world where harmony prevails. This recognition motivates me to continue my efforts in bringing people together from across the globe,” he said.

Sandeep Marwah Honored by International Book of Honour, London UK for Promoting International Relations

Avataran – A Solo Art Show By Anita Goel Unveiled On February 4

After the British Raj, India experienced profound transformations, yet the art education system in schools remained entrenched in traditional paradigms. Despite centuries of artists asserting their individuality, the Indian school system persists in promoting a specific style of art, echoing Western academic conventions.

Renowned artist Anita Goel challenges this status quo with her upcoming solo exhibition, Avataran. Scheduled to unveil on February 4, Goel seeks to revolutionise the prevailing artistic norms entrenched within Indian educational institutions.

“The school art system perpetuates undistinguished artworks, stifling creativity,” remarks Anita Goel. “My aim is to disrupt this homogeneity and redefine contemporary Indian art.”

Anita Goel’s artistic vision transcends conventional boundaries. Her creations extend beyond the confines of the canvas, exploring the latent potential of painting tools, particularly the use of painting knives. Embracing the ethos of abstract expressionism, Goel eschews the notion that a painting must convey a specific message or narrative, prioritising instead the interplay of form and medium.

At the heart of Goel’s oeuvre lies a bold exploration of form, colour, and texture. Each piece beckons viewers to delve deeper, guided by recurring avian motifs—an homage to her previous series, Udaan, and a prelude to Avataran. The avian imagery serves as a narrative thread, inviting observers to uncover new perspectives with each glance.

Through the deliberate selection of irregularly shaped canvases and varying thicknesses, Goel creates a sense of three-dimensionality within the confines of a flat surface. The textured layers of knifed paint engage with the canvas’s nuanced topography, compelling viewers to engage with the work on multiple levels.

Join us for the unveiling of Avataran on February 4, at 12:00noon at Jolie’s, Worli as Anita Goel invites audiences to embark on a transformative journey through the realms of contemporary Indian art.

Anita Goel’s Avataran is on from Feb 4, from 12 noon at Jolie’s, Birla Centurion, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Century Mills Compound, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030.


Avataran – A Solo Art Show By Anita Goel Unveiled On February 4

अनीता गोयल की एकांकी कला प्रदर्शनी ‘अवतरण’ 4 फरवरी से

भारत में ब्रिटिश राज की समाप्ति के बाद देश में कई तरह के आमूलचूल परिवर्तन हुए मगर कहीं ना कहीं हमारी शिक्शा व्यवस्था पर पुरातनपंथी सोच अब भी हावी है. यूं तो सदियों से तमाम कलाकार अपनी कला के माध्यम से अपनी निजता का परिचय देते आ रहे हैं मगर इसके बावजूद कला की शिक्षा देने वाले
स्कूलों पर आज भी पाश्चात्य देशों का प्रभाव देखने को मिलता है जो एक ख़ास तरह की कला को बढ़ावा देते नज़र आते हैं.
उल्लेखनीय है कि जानी-मानी आर्टिस्ट अनीता गोयल ने पाश्चात्य कला के प्रभाव को अपने सोलो कला प्रदर्शनी ‘अवतरण’ के ज़रिए चुनौती पेश करने की कोशिश की है. इस कला प्रदर्शनी का आयोजन 4 फ़रवरी से किया जा रहा है जिसके माध्यम से अनीता गोयल आज की शैक्षणिक व्यवस्था को बदलने और कला के क्षेत्र में एक क्रांतिकारी बदलाव लाने की उम्मीद रखती हैं.
वे कहती हैं, “कला संबंधी स्कूल व्यवस्था ना तो उत्कृष्टता को बढ़ावा देती है और न ही रचनात्मकता को.” वे आगे कहती हैं, “मैं इस यथास्थितवाद में बदलाव लाना चाहती हूं और समसामायिक भारतीय कला को पुनर्भाषित करना चाहती हूं.”
अनीता गोयल की दूरदृष्टि कुछ ऐसी है कि वो कला की किसी भी सीमा से परे है. उनकी कलाकृतियां सिर्फ़ कैनवस तक सिमटी नहीं होती हैं. वे पेटिंग्स टूल्स व पेटिंग्स नाइव्स का बख़ूबी इस्तेमाल करना जानती हैं. कला के अमूर्त स्वरूप में महारत रखने वाली अनीता गोयल कला द्वारा किसी विशिष्ट तरह के संदेश देने के ख़्याल से इत्तेफ़ाक नहीं रखती हैं और इसकी बजाय वे स्वरूप व उसके माध्यम के अंतर-संबंधों को अधिक तवज्जो देती हैं.
उल्लेखनीय है कि अनीता गोयल अपनी कला में स्वरूप, रंग और टेक्सचर को बहुत महत्व देती हैं. उनकी कलाकृतियों में पक्षी से प्रेरित आकृतियां देखी जा सकती हैं और इसकी झलक उनकी पिछली श्रृंखला ‘उड़ान’ और आने वाली श्रृंखला ‘अवतरण’ में नज़र आती है. पक्षियों से प्रेरित उनकी कलाकृतियां एक ऐसा आभास उत्पन्न करती हैं जो नये-नये आयामों को महसूस करने के लिए प्रेरित करते हैं.
ग़ौरतलब है कि अनीता गोयल हमेशा से ही एक प्रकार के नहीं बल्कि विविध आकार और प्रकार के कैनवस का चयन करने में यकीन करती आई हैं जिसके ज़रिए वे सपाट सतह पर भी त्रिआयामी कला का आभास करानेवाली कलाकृतियां पेश करती आई हैं. वे नाइफ़ पेंट के तमाम टेक्सचर्ड सतहों के इस्तेमाल से कैनवस की स्थालकृति को विभिन्न स्तर पर एक आकर्षक कलाकृति में तब्दील करने में माहिर हैं.
अनीता गोयल की कला प्रदर्शनी ‘अवतरण’ को वरली में जोईल्स में 4 फ़रवरी को दोपहर 12.00 से देखा जा सकता है. तमाम कला प्रेमी समसामायिक भारतीय कला के माध्यम बदलाव का आह्वान करने वाले वाली इस कला प्रदर्शनी का साक्षी बनने के लिए आमंत्रित किया है.
अनीता गोयल की कला प्रदर्शनी ‘अवतरण’ का लुत्फ़ 4 फ़रवरी से इस पते पर उठाया जा सकता है: जोइल्स, बिड़ला सेंचुरियन, पांडुरंग बुधकर मार्ग, सेंचुरी मिल्स कंपाउंड, मुम्बई, महाराष्ट्र 400030


अनीता गोयल की एकांकी कला प्रदर्शनी ‘अवतरण’ 4 फरवरी से

प्रख्यात चित्रकार अनिता गोयल यांचा सोलो शो ‘अवतरण’ ४ फेब्रुवारीपासून

ब्रिटीश भारतातून गेल्यानंतर भारतामध्ये अनेक महत्वपूर्ण बदल झाले, परंतु शाळांमधील कला शिक्षण मात्र त्याच पारंपरिक ब्रिटिश राजवटीतीलच राहिले असे म्हटले तर चूक ठरणार नाही. भारतातील शाळांमध्ये कला प्रशिक्षण पाश्चात्य पद्धतीने शिकवले जात असतानाही, गेल्या शतकभरात भारतातील अनेक चित्रकारांनी स्वतःचे वेगळे अस्तित्व निर्माण केले.

प्रख्यात चित्रकार अनिता गोयल याच पाश्चात्य शिक्षण पद्धतीला आव्हान दे्ण्यासाठी स्वतःचे सोलो चित्रप्रदर्शन ‘अवतरण’ भरवत आहेत. ४ फेब्रुवारी रोजी अनावरण होणाऱ्या या प्रदर्शनातून अनिता गोयल भारतीय शैक्षणिक संस्थांमध्ये प्रचलित कलात्मक नियमांमध्ये क्रांती घडवून आणण्याचा प्रयत्न करणार आहेत.

अनिता गोयल आपल्या प्रदर्शनाबाबत बोलताना म्हणाल्या, “शाळांमधील कला शिक्षण पद्धत कलाकारांची सर्जनशीलता दाबून ठेवत अविभाज्य कलाकृतींना कायम ठेवते, हा एकजीनसीपणा तोडून समकालीन भारतीय कलेची नव्याने व्याख्या करणे हे माझे उद्दिष्ट आहे.”

अनिता गोयल यांची कलात्मक दृष्टी परंपरागत सीमा ओलांडणारी आहे. त्या त्यांची निर्मिती साचेबद्ध कॅनव्हासच्या मर्यादेपलीकडे विस्तारणारी आहे. त्या पेंटिंगच्या आधुनिक साधनांचा अवलंब करतात, विशेषतः पेंटिंग चाकूचा वापर त्या खूपच उत्कृष्टपणे करतात. चित्रकलेने विशिष्ट संदेश किंवा कथन व्यक्त करण्याऐवजी फॉर्म आणि माध्यमाच्या परस्परसंवादाला प्राधान्य दिले पाहिजे. असे अनिता गोयल यांच मत आहे.

अनिता गोयल यांच्या कल्पनेच्या केंद्रस्थानी फॉर्म, रंग आणि पोत यांचा अनोखा मिलाफ करण्यात आलेला असतो. त्यांचे प्रत्येक चित्र कलेच्या आस्वादकांना चित्र सखोल जाणून घेण्यास प्रेरित करतो.  अनिता गोयल यांचे मागील चित्र प्रदर्शन उडान ला पुढे घेऊन जाणारे अवतरण चित्र प्रदर्शन आहे.  कलादर्दींनी येऊन त्यांच्या या नव्या  दृष्टीकोनाची माहिती घ्यावी असा त्यांचा प्रयत्न आहे. आणि त्यामुळेच त्यांच्या कला प्रदर्शनाला कलादर्दींनी यावे असे आवाहन अनिता गोयल करीत आहेत.

वेगवेगळ्या जाडीचे आणि आकाराचे कॅनव्हास अनिता गोयल निवडतात आणि त्यातून सपाट पृष्ठभागावर त्रिमितीय कलाकृती निर्माण करतात. त्यांच्या कलाकृतीवर चाकूने रंग भरलेले असतात. त्यामुळेच कलादर्दींना त्यांचे चित्र अनेक स्तरांवर असल्याचे भासते.

वरळी येथील जोलीज येथे 4 फेब्रुवारी रोजी दुपारी १२ वाजता अवतरण या चित्र प्रदर्शनाला सुरुवात होणार असून हे चित्र प्रदर्शन येण्यासाठी अनिता गोयल सगळ्यांना आमंत्रित करीत आहेत. कलादर्दींना समकालीन भारतीय कलेच्या क्षेत्रातून परिवर्तनशील प्रवासाचा अनुभव देणारे असे हे चित्र प्रदर्शन असणार आहे.

अनिता गोयल यांचे अवतरण प्रदर्शन 4 फेब्रुवारी रोजी दुपारी 12 वाजल्यापासून जोलीज, बिर्ला सेंच्युरियन, पांडुरंग बुधकर मार्ग, सेंच्युरी मिल्स कंपाउंड, वरळी, मुंबई, महाराष्ट्र 400030 येथे सुरू होणार आहे.


प्रख्यात चित्रकार अनिता गोयल यांचा सोलो शो ‘अवतरण’ ४ फेब्रुवारीपासून

Manushi Chillar Graces The Painting Exhibition Of Ayaan, A 13 Year Old UNESCO Award Winning Artist Who Is Ongoing Battle With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

In a heartwarming display of communal solidarity, the story of Ayaan, a 12-year-old prodigy from Gujarat, India, has touched hearts far and wide. Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at the tender age of eight—a condition so rare it occurs in one in a million—Ayaan’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Despite the daunting odds, including the disease’s singular, globally approved treatment, Ayaan’s family, hailing from a modest middle-class background, faced an uphill battle in securing his medical care.

The treatment, Vitilipso, a precious vial procured from a UK-based company, has offered a beacon of hope. Through the relentless efforts of countless individuals and the overwhelming support of society across India, particularly from Gujarat, a fund of approximately two and a half to three crore rupees was raised. This remarkable feat has covered the first year of Ayaan’s treatment, showing significant improvement in his condition.

Parallel to his medical battle, Ayaan’s passion for art blossomed. His exceptional talent has not only earned him a UNESCO award but also the esteemed title of UNESCO Heritage Artist. Ayaan’s art, celebrated for its depth and beauty, reflects his profound love for history and a keen interest in global wars. His works have transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide and spreading awareness about DMD.

In an effort to continue his treatment and celebrate his extraordinary talents, Ayaan’s parents have organized an art show in Bombay. This event is not just an exhibition of Ayaan’s artistry but a call to action, urging everyone to contribute to his ongoing treatment. It’s a plea for support, through press and digital platforms, inviting the community to donate and ensure Ayaan’s fight against DMD is one he does not face alone. Let us come together, for every small contribution paves the path for Ayaan’s brighter, healthier future.


Manushi Chillar Graces The Painting Exhibition Of Ayaan, A 13 Year Old UNESCO Award Winning Artist Who Is Ongoing Battle With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).