Pagalpanti Sets A New Benchmark In High Budget Movie In Gujarati Cinema

Pagalpanti Gujarati movie is all about Indianpanti where a group of tourist go on Fiji island and where they encounter various situations. It is the first Gujarati movie with high budget and lot of actors and actress.

We have seen more Bollywood and Marathi movies where the film budget is high but this time the Gujarati cinema is not lacking back. It includes famous actors like Rahul dev and Ali Asgar and the film is directed by Jackee Patel.

Here the film is shooted in Fiji island with a lot of characters. Since it was a high budget movie the teaser of the movie was launched in an event at Ahmedabad. It will be also screened as Pagalpanti Bollywood movie. The music for the movie is given by Bollywood’s sensational singers Aamantrika, Arvind Vegda, ParthOza, JigardanGadhavi and HimaliVyaz.

Solets be proud of our Gujarati cinema where they have strove so hard for a movie.

Pagalpanti Is More Of Patriotism Than A Family Romcom Movie

Pagalpanti isa upcoming Gujarati movie and the script is a mixture of everything which includes action, romance,comedy,suspense,thriller and the main thing is Patriotism.

We have seen more Bollywood and Marathi movies which support patriotism and make India proud

But this time it is the Gujarati Cinema which has made Indian proud by making a patriotic movie including some drama. It is one of the cinematic experience for Gujarat cinema.

It is a movie based on patriotism where a tourist group from all parts of India gone on holiday to Fiji Island encountering various situations and their holiday turns into a patriotic mission. It is a movie where they carry on a mission to make India proud where they succeed over international wanted criminal Kazaamwith the help of inspector (Mukul dev)  andChota don (Ali Asagar)

Where at the first glance the movie seems to be more about romance and comedy but in depth it is based on patriotism.

It is a proud moment for India where patriotism is promoted and  the movie is releasing in more 7 countries that is   CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, FIJI, UK,EAST AFRICA AND DUBAI.

Being Tusshar Dhaliwal “Mrs India Universe 2018” Season 2, Grand Media Launch Celebration

It was a great evening of 21st May 2018, when a great function was held at ‘Bora Bora’ in Andheri, for Media Launch celebration “Mrs India Universe 2018, Season 2”. The event was organised by ‘Being Tushar Dhaliwal’ and ‘Archana Tomar’. The celebration was attended by lots of media person and Bollywood celebrities like Super Model Alesia Raut, actress Bhumika Gurung, actor Siddhaanth Suryavanshi, singer Yash Wadali, actor Dev Sharma, actor Vijay Bhatia, actor Kunal, actress Smriti Khanna, DJ Sherwood and producer Rakesh Sabharwal, of course hosts founder Tushaar Dhaliwal, president Archana Tomar and chairman Manish Luthra were there to welcome all guest’s.

Four contestants were crowned on the occasion as they are representing India in “Mrs Universe 2018” in Philippines. They are Surbhi Wali ‘Mrs Universe Middle Asia, Kiran Sukhani ‘Mrs Universe South East Asia 2018’, Shruti ‘Mrs Universe Pacific Island 2018’, and Naavanidhi Wadhwa ‘Mrs Asia Woman of Universe 2018’.

Tusshar Dhaliwal, founder, is Managing director of viscera events and models management. Archana Tomar, is president, she is Mrs Universe Generous, Mrs Universe North Central Asia, also director of Archana Tomar Creation and M.D of Tomar group. Manish Luthra a well-known business man and CMD at Goldenglory Motions Pictures Pvt Ltd.


बीइंग तुषार धालीवाल की “मिसेज इंडिया यूनीवर्स २०१८” सीजन २ का ग्रैंड मीडिया लॉन्च।

दिनांक २१ मई २०१८ की शानदार शाम, अंधेरी स्तिथ ‘बोरा बोरा’ में “मिसेज इंडिया यूनीवर्स २०१८” सीजन २ के भव्य मीडिया लॉन्च हुआ। इसका आयोजन ‘बीइंग तुषार धालीवाल और अर्चना तोमर ने मनीष लूथरा के संग किया था। इस अवसर पर तमाम मीडिया के अलावा बॉलीवुड की लोकप्रय हस्तियां मौजूद थी। सुपर मॉडल अलेसिया राउत, एक्ट्रेस भूमिका गुरुंग, एक्टर सिद्धान्त सूर्यवंशी, गायक यश वडाली, एक्टर देव शर्मा, एक्टर विजय भाटिया, एक्टर कुणाल, एक्ट्रेस स्मृति खन्ना, डी जे शेरवुड के अलावा निर्माता राकेश सभरवाल और मेजबान फाउंडर तुषार धालीवाल, प्रेसिडेंट अर्चना तोमर एवम चेयरमैन मनीष लूथरा मौजूद थे।

चार प्रतियोगियों को क्राउन पहनाया गया जो इंडिया का प्रतिनिधित्व “मिसेज यूनीवर्स २०१८” के लिए फिलीपींस जा रही हैं, वे हैं, सुरभी वाली ‘मिसेज़ यूनीवर्स मिडिल एशिया’, किरण सुखानी ‘मिसेज यूनीवर्स साउथ ईस्ट एशिया २०१८’, श्रुति ‘मिसेज़ यूनीवर्स पैसिफिक आइलैंड २०१८’ एवं नवनिधि वाधवा ‘मिसेज एशिया वीमेन ऑफ यूनीवर्स २०१८’।

तुषार धालीवाल जो कि फाउंडर हैं, ‘विसकेरा इवेंट्स एंड मॉडल मैनेजमेंट’ के मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर हैं, प्रेसिडेंट अर्चना तोमर स्वयं मिसेज यूनीवर्स जेनेरोस और मिसेज़ यूनीवर्स नार्थ सेंट्रल एशिया रह चुकी हैं और अर्चना तोमर क्रिएशन की डायरेक्टर हैं, व तोमर ग्रुप की एम डी हैं, मनीष लूथरा एक मशहूर बिज़नेस मैन और गोल्डेनगलोरी मोशन पिक्चर्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के सी एम डी हैं।

Did You Know Pooja Misra Sings Her Own Jingles ?

Debut single titled ‘ Hotter than you soon’.
Not many know that producer and actress Pooja is also a singer.She recently revealed at a press conference in mumbai,that she has been singing for the jingles of her webseries,tv shows,and will e debuting with a full fledged dance track as a singer called ,hotter than you.Pooja told the media that when she was making her Lovesutra,a sexy and humorous webseries that airs on hungama play app,she managed to conceptualise,create and put together the jingle for the show within a span of 15 minutes,which she penned down herself.

You can hear the jingle below

However her second jingle for her lifestyle magazine format tv show,Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai, which aired on e24 bollywood news channel,she almost took 6 months to daily finetune her vocal chords to sing the 1 minute long jingle.The jingle was instantaneously popular which she and Kunwar co wrote while the music was arranged by viplove and dj shezwood, u can hear it by clicking the following  video

Pooja then went on to launch her forthcoming reaity show,Spare Me The Crab Mentality,which was the most positive anthem one could have the pleasure to hear.The jingle is written by Pooja Misra partenered by Rahul Tripathi.
The lyrics,
Tu aage badhega ek kadam ,Tujhe sab tujhe peeche kheechenge dus kadam,
Par tum himmat mat harna jab tak hai Dum main Dum
Tujhe manjilain milengi ,Tera hoga bada naam,
Spareme the crab mentality jab gayega Hindustan,
Hum zinda nahin just to spectate,
So wake up and participate,
Ye show dikhayega Reality,
Khatm karega Crab Mentality,
Tujhe manjilain milengi ,Tera hoga bada naam,
Spareme the crab mentality jab gayega Hindustan
She has touched our heart with this beautiful thought knitted into a catchy jingle!
We wish her all the best and hope and look forward to her debut smashing dance track as a singer called ,hotter than you in the coming days!
If the making of the video is anything to go by it promises to leave everyone electrified….
check out the making of hotter than you…..

Check out the digital adfilm of ,Spare Me The Crab Mentality here

1st Sikkim Red Carpet social award 2018 Felicitating The Unsung Heroes of Sikkim

1st Sikkim Red Carpet social award 2018. ( felicitating the unsung heroes of Sikkim ) Was held at Gangtok (Sikkim ) on 22/04/2018. Founder Rebecca Changkija Sema started this journey along with Co-founder Amen Jamir and Shiraz Henry first event was at Nagaland. 1st_Nagaland_Red_Carpet_social_Award_2018 . (Jan 4/01/2018 ) both the Event got amazing results. This social event is to promote the unsung heroes of Northeast, so far 2 states (Nagaland and Sikkim ) is covered . Next event is going to be at Assam and the team is already on mission. The event shall continue in Northeast 8 sisters. We rise  by lifting others said Red Carpet social award founder  & Bollywood producer Rebecca Changkija Sema . The generation has changed and we don’t need only government job to bring the change in our society. We all have blessed with unique talents. Let’s bring out the best from one another.


Super star actress like Mahima Chaudhary and Zeenat Amanji and Nepali actor Bhuwan KC and many more Special guest from Bollywood graced the award function.

( Sikkim awardees)

Bikram Bhattarai

Bikal Rai

Doden Bhutia

Lt Bindhiya Gurung

Singh Raj Newar

Reshmi Chettri

Chandra Gurung

Devika Gurung

Ashish Karki

Rita Rai

Ratna Mangar

Ashok Goyal

Denay Sunar

Puran Chhetri

Purnima Mohra

Chung Ching Bhutia

Priscila Tamang

Tribeni Rai

Soni Gurung

Kamal Chhetri

Rushma Rai

Siddharth Yonzone

Dr. Sudarshan Tamang

Sewon Rai

Satrangi Atrangi Muhurat Performed In Virar Mumbai

शुरू हुई सतरंगी अतरंगी , बिहार 2016 की हुई घोषणा

इंस्पिरियर फिल्म्स प्रोडक्शन द्वारा डुग्गु अर्थ स्टार फिल्म्स प्रोडक्शन के सहयोग से बन रही फिल्म सतरंगी अतरंगी का मुहूर्त विरार के ग्लोबल सिंटी में किया गया । इस मौके पर एक अन्य फ़िल्म बिहार 2016 के निर्माण की भी घोषणा की गई । निर्माता सनी प्रकाश व प्रतिष्ठा पूजा ने बताया कि सतरंगी अतरंगी एक कॉमडी फ़िल्म होगी जिसमें मनोरंजन का हर रंग दर्शको को देखने को मिलेगा । फ़िल्म के निर्देशक सद्दाम पारा है । इस फ़िल्म में कुछ नामचीन कलाकारों के साथ साथ स्नेइल कुमार , ऋतु कुमावत , राजू सोलंकी , सनी प्रकाश , रिजवान अली , चंदन सिंह , राज , राकेश,  अफजल , अजय शशि आदि मुख्य भूमिका में होंगे । फ़िल्म की लेखिका है प्रतिष्ठा पूजा जबकि सह निर्माता हैं दिनेश यादव ।

बिहार 2016 बिहार की शराबबंदी को ध्यान में रखकर बनाई जा रही फिल्म होगी । इस फ़िल्म की शूटिंग जून में मुम्बई और हैदराबाद में होगी । इस फ़िल्म में एजाज खान , स्नेहा उल्लाल , दयाशंकर पांडे आदि मुख्य भूमिका में होंगे । फ़िल्म की लेखिका प्रतिष्ठा पूजा हैं जबकि निर्देशक सनी प्रकाश हैं ।

————Uday Bhagat (PRO)