HASEENA  Due In October

The entire post-production work of    Harsh Dream Ventures and  Khushi Films’ HASEENA  has  been completed and the first digital print is also out. The film will be shown to the censors shortly  and the film is due for October release all over. The film is produced by Jeetendra B. Vaghadia and Vicky Ranawat and is directed by Vicky Ranawat. Co-producers: Saral Ranawat ,Chetan B. Vaghadia.   Cast:  Mohit Arora, Ankur Verma, Arpit Soni, Inayat Sharma( as Haseena), newfind Khyati Sharma, Garima Agarwal, Moushumi Malik, Gopal Chauhan, Mushtaq Khan, Anita Rawat, Manjeet Singh Bittoo(Bunty) and Master Sujal .  Writer-lyricist: Rishi Aazad..DoP: B.N. Mishra. Lyrics- Music:Shahid Bawa (U.K.), Vishnu Narayan,D.Harmony. Dances: Lollypop,Ricky Gupta. Editors: Kukku Sharma,Vinayak Solanki.  E.P.: Vinod Kumar Moolchandani. Production Manager: Meher Sethi.

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