Holi And Gor Banajra Community A Gorgeous Combination Of Different Color

Holi And Gor Banajra Community A Gorgeous Combination Of Different Color

Before the existence of artificial colors, to extract and practice the natural color of Palash tree, Elegant like Palash flowers, to grow and develop like Palash tree in difficult circumstances signifies the gor banjara community.

For Gor Banjara community Holi is not a just festival actually gor banjara community itself like a holi. The attire of traditional banjara women dress represents the rainbow, the ear rings echoes gold, the other ornaments of body displays silver, this banjara community acknowledges love and eliminates the anger, the hatred, disgust like holi rituals, Like tree of spring season who shed their leaves and new leaves start appearing, banjara community and their folk songs provides the new path to life. One of The oldest and richest cultural community of Indian soil.

To grow and enhance the heritage of this banjara community, the producer, director Mr.Sanjivkumar Rathod elects to produce a striking song based on banjara rituals and their culture in banjara and Hindi language. The title of song is Banjara Holi and Banjara song is released on BOL BANJARA you tube Channel and Hindi version of above song title – Holi banjara is released on Ultra bollywood music. First time in the history of music world, Hindi and banjara language songs released together.

Title of Song – Banjara Holi

Like holi colors and Indian culture, both songs are the mixture of Tollywood and Bollywood. Tollywoods Music Director Mr.ML.Raja fill the color in these songs and lyricist Mr.Srinivas Chavan provide banjara color to the words And renowned Bollywood singer Mr. Swaroop Khan injected his sweet voice in spray gun /pichkari along with singer Ms.Divya Malika And Gulal of Hindi Banjara Holi song thrown in the air by singer Mr. Raja Hasan and Ms.Saberi Bhattacharya .Hindi banjara Song word dahan(hoilka dahan/burning ) done by lyricist Mr.Shakeel Azmi and Mr.Srinivas Chavan with their stunning hands .

Both Gorgeous songs structured and arranged by Painter Mr.Sanjivkumar Rathod who produced and directed the same. Sweltering Visuals of Banjara holi captured by DOP Mr. Vijay Thagur and burning multicolored legs polished by choreographer Mr.Jithu Master.

Mr.Sanjivkumar Rathod Optimism that the system of Established people ,their regressive politics ,the revenge ,the heat will burn along with this Banjara holi song and spread love and happiness .like holi colors , creative people should eliminate cast ,religion ,bias system and paint the newcomers and skillful people based on their ability .

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Holi And Gor Banajra Community A Gorgeous Combination Of Different Color

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