FROZEN IN TIME An Exhibition Of Photographs By Kabeer Ramesh In Jehangir Art Gallery

From: 15th to 28th March 2023

“Frozen in Time”

An Exhibition of Photographs by Kabeer Ramesh


Jehangir Art Gallery

Terrace Gallery

M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda

Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: 9920072573

Frozen in Time Exhibition of Photography by Kabeer Ramesh is being held at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from 15th to 28th March 2023. The exhibition has drawn commendable response since its beginning. The photography art lovers from different backgrounds – young art enthusiasts to well accomplished photographers, have responded and engaged with the works presented.

This exhibition was inaugurated on 15th March 2023 by Adv. Jayant Gaikwad, IAS(Retired), in the presence of  Ms. Alexandra Mockel (Leipzig University, Germany) and many others.

It could be said that, Kabeer Ramesh presents himself as a photographer – artist who is exploring varied forms, textures, structures and themes. He focuses on different aspects of the human world: achievements and contradiction (His photos of massive structures and the holocaust memorial at once); his various compositions, especially photos of the cluster of Onions, the historical monuments and his landscapes present artistic compositions and human sensibilities. The photo of the dark branches – ‘reaching out’, the sunrays exuding the blue sky has drawn serious interest. Noteworthy is also his depiction of ‘fleeting sand’, the lamps as art objects. His exhibition presents portraits with different perspective: the portraits of people in everyday walks of life, the ordinary people in their daily grind, instead of the wealthy and powerful; or his photographs of the Bull, the Camel with unique character and personalities presents as worthy objects of portraiture; his photos of a ‘Lone stone’ in waterbed in Meghalaya too looks at what is apparently inanimate, as basically or some point of time being lively. His work presents nature with different dimensions – from the moments uprooting caused by the human designs to the ‘regeneration’ occurring in nature. His work thus captures various genres: textures/ structures, portraits of people in everyday life, and objects with character. His nature portrayal too sees it through the artistic perspective.

We must make a special mention to his imposing composition of sculpture ‘The Hunter’ in adorning the Museum Island in Germany (as the story of human resolve and triumph).

Lastly, his work offers various forms and modes of seeing and an act of looking as a cultural practice. The enthusiastic response to his exhibition in Jehangir Art Gallery shows the serious and welcoming reception to his work.


Frozen In Time An Exhibition Of Photographs By Kabeer Ramesh In Jehangir Art Gallery

The Vyom International Group Art Exhibition – Feb 21 to 27 – 2023

Organized by First Wish Art Gallery at Nehru Centre Art Gallery – Mumbai, India

The Vyom is our 2nd International Exhibition from ambitious project that has been started from Tbilisi, Georgia Jan 22nd 2023 – “Mission World Tour Exhibition: 30 Countries & 30 Exhibitions!

It is an initiative that has been taken to encourage and support all artists.

Represented Art Works from Georgia, Greece, Japan, UAE and India and well curated by Ms. Vanashri Ransubhe (Coordinator in UAE & India at First Wish Art Gallery).

She has been an asset to the gallery and playing very important key role in the expansion of the business.

The Opening:

The opening was done by the Chief Guest Mr.Shriram Dandekar – Vice Chairman and Executive Director, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.

And also in the presence of our special guests Mr.Vishwanath Sable, Dean of J J School of Art, Mumbai,

Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi is an Emirati Artist & Businessman popularly known as Rukni Art,

Mr. Kaisar Dopaishi, Principal of Singapore International School and President of South Asia IB School Association,

Dr. Jayesh Dakre – Scientist and Smart future counsellor,

Mr. Dipesh Pakdhare – NSDC Central Govt. Skill India Partner for pan INDIA,

Mr. Nitin Jadia – Art Lover & Collector.

We, First Wish Art Gallery team wholeheartedly thankful to the all guests for accepting our invitation and taking out their valuable time to attend the opening ceremony of “THE VYOM INTERNATIONAL GROUP ART EXHIBITION” and making it more memorable.

We also thankful to our all participants & visitors for their kind supports.

About The Gallery

The Journey:

First Wish Art Gallery LLC is based in Georgia & Operating from UAE. Founded in Nov, 2020 by Mr.Irshad Husain (Business).

The Co-Owner/Director of the gallery is Ms. Mariami Simashvili from Georgia. She is an Artist by passion and a Pediatric Doctor by profession.

Current Project: Mission World Tour Exhibition: 30 Countries & 30 Exhibitions

Any artist from anywhere can join us and explore in a different way. The Perfect blend of Art + Travel and unforgettable memories!!

Upcoming Exhibitions in 2023 – Japan, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy & Turkey.

Please check our web link for registration & updated details: 

Contact us for future collaborations and exhibitions:

Georgia +995 598 94 34 00 || UAE +971 52 778 6166




The Vyom International Group Art Exhibition – Feb 21 to 27, 2023

VASUNDHARA An Exhibition Of Paintings By Well-Known Artist Arpitha Reddy In Jehangir

From: 14th to 20th February 2023


An Exhibition of Paintings


Well-known artist Arpitha Reddy


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 95828 31664

Arpitha Reddy, an accomplished artist from  Hyderabad, has showcased her recent paintings on “Vasundhara” the goddess of the earth at Gallery No:  2 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from 14th February 2023 to 20th February 2023.

This exhibition is a collection of large format paintings celebrating her beauty, her boon giving and nurturing ability. She also presented Lord Vishnu, god of love, benevolence and forgiveness in the form of ” Varaha” protecting her for the preservation of the universe.

“ Her Vasundhara is a robust bright eyed beauty born of the expression of all that is beautiful, resonant, complete in both devotion as well as dedication to the idea of the eternal tree of life and Vasundhara as an avatar and consort of Lord Vishnu,” says art critic Uma Nair who has authored the sumptuous catalogue.

Nair a renowned and eminent art critic,  has been writing for several prominent artists all over world more than three decades, has expressed that Arpitha’s felicity with contour and colour is filled with simple means, and creates an inspirational impact. Nair’s authorship comes this month also at Centre Pompidou to celebrate Sayed Haider Raza at 100 years in a catalogue that is translated into French and carries her interview with Raza on Gandhi.

About the artist :

Arpitha an  alumnus of JNFAU College of Fine Arts,  trained in the temple mural style at Guruvayoor Institute of Mural Paintings. She has experience in numerous traditional art forms including Pata Chitra, Phad, Thangal, Cherial, Tanjore, Kalamkari, and has almost two decades of experience in practicing the murals. Now her works are an adaptation of the Kerala murals after she has given herself freedom to assimilate different traditional art forms into her paintings. She has several awards and honors to her credit. She has exhibited her paintings in major cities of India and Abroad. Recently She represented India in a symposium at Samarkand during the Shanghai cooperative organization summit in September 2022, organized by the ministry of tourism and cultural heritage Uzbekistan.

International and Indian collectors

Her works belong to prestigious collections over the world. Various prestigious institutions and art collectors around the globe like MOSA- Museum of spiritual Art, Belgium, Venkateshwara College, New Delhi, Indira Nooyi, Chairperson and chief executive officer of Pepsico all have her works in their collection.

This exhibition was inaugurated on 14th February 2023 by Shri. Prabhakar Kolte and  Shri. KU Krishna Kumar, Principal of Institute of Mural painting established by the Guruvayur Devaswom, Kerala, Mrs. K.G. Menon,  The Secretary – Jehangir Art Gallery and  Ms. Uma Nair  Renowned art critic from Delhi in the presence of many other important personalities from the art fraternity.


VASUNDHARA An Exhibition Of Paintings By Well-Known Artist Arpitha Reddy In Jehangir

THE CAVES – Solo Show Of Stonescapes By Well-Known Architectural Photographer Anand Diwadkar In Jehangir

From: 15th February to 21st February 2023


A Solo Show of Stonescapes…

By well-known Architectural Photographer Anand Diwadkar 


Jehangir Art Gallery

M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda,

Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: 98230 80623


Anand Diwadkar…

He is an architectural photographer with more than three decades of experience. Many of the design stories photographed by him have been regularly featured in nationally and internationally renowned publications. He has already exhibited his work three times in Pune. He is now going to have his solo show titled ‘The Caves’at the prestigious Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai. He will be exhibiting selected ‘stonescapes’, a work of more than a decade. These pictures are extension of architectural photography and will take the viewers to a spiritual journey from the ‘object’ seen through the lens to the ‘subject’ felt with the heart and soul. It’s Anand’s wish to dedicate this exhibition to the most respected master architect, Shri Christopher Benninger Sir, as he has been an inspiration for him.

The show was inaugurated on 15th February 2023 by Shri. Rajeev Mishra (Director, Directorate of Art, Govt. of Maharashtra and Principal, Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai) in the presence of  Dr. Santosh Kshirsagar (Dean Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai),  Shri. Pankaj Kanal* (Principal Architect Designous Build Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai), Architect Shri. Chandrashekhar Kanetkar,  Dr. Douglas John (Eminent Artist) and many other art dignitaries. The show will continue till 21st February, 11 am to 7pm.


THE CAVES – Solo Show Of Stonescapes By Well-Known Architectural Photographer Anand Diwadkar In Jehangir

AWADH ART FESTIVAL – The 5th Edition Of AAF Was Recently Held At Visual Arts Gallery New Delhi

AWADH ART FESTIVAL (AAF) – the 5th edition of AAF was recently held at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 2nd to 6th February 2023 –  A fabulous  5 day  immersive experience for ART AFICIONADOS  and all ART LOVERS  !

Culture plays an important role in the development of any nation. It represents a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices. Culture and creativity manifest themselves in almost all economic, social and other activities. A country as diverse as India is symbolized by the plurality of its culture.

The 5th AAF was planned to take art to a more creative level to commemorate 75 years of independence and the glorious history of it’s people, culture and achievements. This exhibition show cased contemporary, abstract and figurative arts in various mediums of 82 artists from all around India and Bangladesh. More engaging features ( i.e. Story Telling by Kamini Jauhar,  Art Talk by the famous Manuu Mansheet and his team of experts, Re Living Batik by Vinay Singh and The Story of Calligraphy by Raghunita Gupta ) were introduced to help build cultural awareness and help artists from all over India to come together, interact, get inspired and thus expand the scope of their own art form.

It was indeed wonderful to see the 5th AAF was bless by the powerful presence of Dr.Sonal Mansingh, Mrs. Ratan Kaul (the festival advisor to AAF), Mr. Suvir Saran ((the Collaborator to AAF), H. E  Mrs. Daniela Sezonov Tane (Ambassador of Romania to India), Mr. Uday MahurkarMr. Sunit Tandon, Ridhima Kansal, Maneesh Baheti, Ajay Jain, Dr.Blossom Kochhar, Mr. Kamal Modi, Mrs. Anita Singh  and Ms. Gunjan Goela.Furthermore, the most interesting thing was to see Artists like Sakti Burman, Jatin Das and Subodh Gupta musing at the art works and taking time to interact with all artists and AAF team members Rritu Goel, Rashi Paliwal, Ratnpriya Kant, Sharad Gurav, Satish Patil, Neerajj Mittra, Santanu Ganguly and Arka Pradhan.

Awadh Art Festival is a contemporary art fair and an initiative to promote young, lesser known and seasoned artists by providing them a versatile exhibition space from where they can come into direct contact of art buyers, art galleries, art connoisseurs and all other constituents of art market. It acts as a facilitator, which enables cross – pollination across cultures. The ability to have this position makes the Awadh Art Festival the core of where societal transformation can take place. AAF has the power to advance culture and civilization by provoking thought, introspection and discussion – which in turn leads to change.


AWADH ART FESTIVAL – The 5th Edition Of AAF Was Recently Held At Visual Arts Gallery New Delhi

THE WANDERING SHADOW An Exhibition Of Paintings By Contemporary Artist Milind Limbekar In Jehangi

31st January to 6th February 2023

“The Wandering Shadow”

An Exhibition of Paintings by contemporary artist Milind Limbekar


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda , Mumbai  – 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 9423680511, 8999722709

This exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Sudhir Mungantiwar( Minister of Cultural Affairs, Forest, Fisheries, Government of Maharashtra in the presence of many art dignitaries.

The Wandering Shadow

The wandering of mind and soul needs some place to open up. My recent series of paintings has got such space to explore. The present moment, has always a dual feeling of present and absent. The missing moment always travel with us and our wandering mind gets attracted to those whom you feel shall be yours. These missing moments are what I call shadow, they are almost everywhere. The animals in the painting are representation of curbed desires, the anthropomorphic forms that appears comes from anxiousness and split personality which is subtle and dramatic. No wonder the dramatization id shown always in night scenes because they are always hidden like mystery. You have to search and understand them the most vulnerable part in my work is the expression and gestures. I still feel it as incomplete process because the concept of my painting is abstract and can be better represented in abstract manner.

———-Milind Limbekar


THE WANDERING SHADOW An Exhibition Of Paintings By Contemporary Artist Milind Limbekar In Jehangi