Immerse Yourself In A World Of Artistic Inspiration At Le Mark Design Week

Mumbai’s Le Mark School of Art recently hosted the highly anticipated ‘Le Mark Design Week,’ a vibrant celebration of artistic expression and cutting-edge fashion. In collaboration with IMC’s Ladies Wing, powered by Antara Gold & Diamond and Luxury Partner Mercedes, the event showcased exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs that redefine the future of Indian art and fashion.

The event featured over 100 talented students who presented their stunning fashion collections, pushing the boundaries of fashion and challenging societal norms. Each collection told a unique story, reflecting the individuality and vision of these budding designers. From the captivating ‘Fruit Saga’ theme to the vibrant ‘Jashn-E-Jaipur’ theme and the enchanting ‘Light & Shadow’ theme, ‘Le Mark Design Week’ captivated the audience with its diverse and mesmerizing design inspirations.

The ‘Fruit Saga’ theme celebrated nature’s transformation of fruit from flower, with garments that underwent a captivating metamorphosis. Starting with a pristine white exterior, the designs revealed playful under-layers, mirroring the evolution of fruits. The textures, colors, and ornamentation embodied the essence of fruit-inspired clothing, infusing the event with a whimsical touch.

In contrast, the ‘Jashn-E-Jaipur’ theme paid homage to the pink city’s vibrant heritage. Inspired by the intricate blue pottery, tie & dye techniques, the shimmer of Sheesh Mahal & Thikri work, and mindful patchwork, the designs showcased a riot of colors and patterns. This collection captured the essence of Jaipur’s rich artistic traditions, evoking a sense of celebration and joy.

Finally, the ‘Light & Shadow’ theme mesmerized the audience with its interplay of light and silence. Laser-cut and cutwork techniques created captivating contrasts, accentuating the effect of shadows. From lightweight fabrics to heavier materials, the designs transformed through the ingenious play of light and shadow, creating an enchanting visual spectacle.

‘Le Mark Design Week’ celebrated not only Mumbai’s thriving art and fashion scene but also provided a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase their talent and redefine industry standards. The event showcased the transformative power of art and fashion in society and culture, embracing sustainability, fostering collaborations, and encouraging artistic experimentation.

As the week-long celebration concluded, its impact resonated across the creative landscape, inspiring aspiring artists and fashion enthusiasts to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of innovation. With its vibrant displays, visionary partnerships, and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, ‘Le Mark Design Week’ has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of the city.

In summary, ‘Le Mark Design Week’ wove together captivating design themes, from the enchanting ‘Fruit Saga’ to the vibrant ‘Jashn-E-Jaipur’ and the mesmerizing ‘Light & Shadow.’ The event celebrated the convergence of art and fashion, providing a platform for emerging talent to shine and redefine industry standards. With its commitment to sustainability, collaborations, and artistic experimentation, ‘Le Mark Design Week’ showcased the transformative power of art and fashion in society and culture.


Immerse Yourself In A World Of Artistic Inspiration At Le Mark Design Week

Aqua Divine Fashion Show By Aneebee Entertainments Warms Up A Wintry Kolkata Evening

A glitzy `Aqua Divine Swimwear Fashion Show’ – organized by Aneebee Entertainments – warmed up a very happening Kolkata evening as foreign and Kolkata models scorched the ramp at a high voltage event hosted by The Westin Rajarhat and outfit partner Skycrew by Malobika.

Showstopper Malobika Banerjee’s presence only confirmed that a swimwear fashion show in winter wasn’t at all out of place. As a run up to the summers, the Show was a sneak peek of interesting ideas to look forward to.

“The cloth and materials used for the artfully-designed swimwear has been made with reusable products and extinguished materials of different states in India. It has a strong connection with elements of pan-India ethnicity as well as local heritage,” says Malobika Banerjee of Sky Crew – actor, pop queen, singer, songwriter. She added that fashion is not only for looking gorgeous, it should be a huge social responsibility which affects society in very positive ways.

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it is about changing the way the world perceives their strength. Today’s event is an attempt to create a domino effect, to bring a change in the perspective on how women are looked upon at on the basis of their lifestyle and clothing. In this event, that is exactly what we plan to achieve, and hence the theme – `Amar Poshak Amar Decision’ – becomes relevant,” says fashionista and entrepreneur, Anita Dutta, CEO, Aneebee Entertainments.

“Also, the deep thought behind the use or rather re-use of unique unconventional natural materials for making the wearable is a fashion statement in itself a trendsetter for the summers. It is very heartening to be appreciated by a discerning Kolkata audience,”

The sundowner Show drew tinsel town celebs and fashion aficionados in good measure who rubbed shoulders with other eminent Kolkatans and young fashion wannabes and professionals.

The event was high in terms of not only the glamour quotient but also for its focus on social issues pertaining to women and also fashion and sustainability. It was also iconoclastic in advocating the voice for freedom of outfit for women; uphold the dignity of choice for women.

“While appealing to the fashion sense, Aneebee Entertainments is also dedicated to the cause of creating awareness of sustainable development and concern for India’s biodiversity and ecosystem. The Aqua Divine Swimwear Fashion Show can aptly be called – an amalgam of sensuality and sensitivity,” says Anita Dutta a supporter of women’s causes and sustainable fashion.

Women and Sustainable fashion:

In our society women are judged on the basis of the outfit she wears, complexion she is born with and the profession she chooses. The challenge is to break this stereotypical mindset and spread awareness among women to exercise their choice of outfit freely and with dignity. On the other hand, sustainable fashion, is an approach to fashion design and production that aims to reduce the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. This can include using environmentally or eco-friendly materials, implementing ethical labour practices, and reducing waste throughout the production process.


Aqua Divine fashion show by Aneebee Entertainments warms up a wintry Kolkata evening

Fashion Designer And Style Consultant Sana Aziz Khan Shares Her Experience Of Working With Cricketers

It was pleasure working with sport personalities, it was fun working with Cricketers all positive vibes around ..

Specialy our Indian lengend Saurav Ganguly our Dada ,

He is so humble, kind and of course no one can forget his contribution to our Indian Cricket team, he is a living Legend .

Along with him I got opportunity to work with other wonderful Talents Like Ajinkey Rahane ,Yusuf Pathan, Steve Smith, Luke Wright, Marlon Samuels, Angelo Mathews etc.

Ajinkey Rahane is super man on cricket field but while posing for camera initially he was a bit shy but later he surprised us with his another talent..

My all over experience with cricketers has been Superb.


Fashion Designer And Style Consultant Sana Aziz Khan Shares Her Experience Of Working With Cricketers

Fashion Designer Sana Aziz Khan Follows Her Grandfather Late M Haneef Aims To Dominate The Globe With Her Work

Art has no limits, and it comes in different categories and niches. Lucky are those blessed with the artistic flair who explore and bring different artworks to life. Taking the legacy of art to another level, Sana Aziz Khan has been setting a benchmark in the fashion industry. She is the granddaughter of the Late M. Haneef alias Mohammed Haneef. He was an artist, sculptor and professor at Lucknow University.

While Late M. Haneef took his art pieces on a global scale, Sana is making a remarkable contribution as a fashion designer in the international markets. Hailing from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, Sana spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia. Losing her father in the early years of life, Sana’s life was filled with challenges until she discovered her love her fashion.

Improving her art and craft of fashion, Khan completed a course in fashion design from AIFT, Lucknow after which she moved to Mumbai for better prospects. Eventually, Sana built a strong network with professionals from the fashion industry; thanks to her veteran grandfather’s global reputation in the art industry. Late M. Haneef was a soft-spoken and visionary artist in the country.

In the past, he made statues across India of the nation’s greatest leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, former Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Chaudhary Charan Singh. Not to forget, his work also includes magnificent statues of the great Buddha and Tulsidas in Amroha. As Sana makes a progressive career in the fashion industry, she considers her late grandfather as the pillar behind her success.

Speaking about it, the fashion designer said, “My grandfather was a kind soul, and lived his life with honesty. His imagination and vision were way ahead of time. Creativity is something I have got from him, and I am sure to keep his legacy intact with the work I do.” Starting from the bottom, Sana Aziz Khan has collaborated with notable celebrities like Sourav Ganguly, Prachi Desai, Sunny Lene, Sara Khan, Arya Babbar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ajinkya Rahane to name a few.

Beginning in Mumbai, the celebrated fashion designer has hosted an array of apparel exhibitions in Dubai and Turkey. Just like her grandfather, she aims to leave her mark internationally. Khan has been adamant to introduce cross-border cultural exchange and take Indian culture to the world stage. With a strong clientele from India, Turkey and the UAE, Sana Aziz Khan is leaving no stone unturned to expand her work across Asian, European and other Middle Eastern countries.


Fashion Designer Sana Aziz Khan Follows Her Grandfather Late M. Haneef, Aims To Dominate The Globe With Her Work

NAARI By SRISHTI Based In Dubai Gives A New Colors In Lifestyle

Dubai’s “NAARI  by Srishti” gives a new color to lifestyle In the field of dress designing,

In the field of dress designing, Srishti Tiwari has created a distinct and unique identity. All this is not enough for them. This profession has proved to be a medium to change the lifestyle, that has been proved by Srishti. Created as a stylish dress designer in Dubai, since 2002, Srishti Tiwari began to embody the lifestyle as well as confidence and personality – “Naari by Srishti”.

It is not only an institution or a platform, but a campaign, a beautiful attempt to accelerate a cultural revolution. “Naari by Srishti” not only inspires women to move towards self-reliance by giving them financial strength but also helps them. This organization committed to the upliftment of women is a classic example of the social love of creation.

Julie Jha from Dhanbad became a dress designer after completing her degree from Delhi IIFT.

She became Srishti Tiwari with after she married a chartered accountant Shailendra Kumar Tiwari. Daughter Pawas and son Palaash are still studying in Dubai. Srishti Tiwari first established a voluntary organization named “Asha Kiran” in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) years ago. Later, due to coming to Dubai with her husband, Rajendra Tiwari is now handled by her father-in-law, Rajendra Tiwari.


This institution is like a support center. It provides free education to poor children and free food to old and helpless people. After this success, Srishti Tiwari came to know why women should be molded in the modern era and established “Woman by creation”.

Mridu Bala A Welknown Fashion Designer & Fashion Show Organizer

Showbiz business is one of the toughest industries to work on, when it comes to the competition there is nothing like it. People often get awestruck with the glitter and glamour of the fashion world. However, no one knows what goes behind the making of a star. Today, we are going to talk about Mridu Bala, who has made a name for herself with sheer grit and talent.

Back in 2004, Mridu Bala decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She started her fashion career with a beauty expo showcasing bridal dress wear. She always wanted to make her name in the fashion industry. She used to dream about this since her childhood. However, it was 2014 when she got herself ready to enter the industry. After all, she wanted to help society by giving people a good job and making young girls empowered along the way.

On being asked about her inspiration, Mridu Bala also known as Mridu  Rai considers her husband CA Ajay Rai first inspiration followed by top names in the Indian fashion industry like Manish Malhotra, Shaymal Bhumika, and Md. Amin to name a few. Above all, her parents, Niranjan Singh (Guru ji), brothers Akashy Kaledy Okshravan ( Shravan Patil ), and Giri G (Akashy Giri) are people, who have stood by her through thick and thin.

Mridu Bala intends to start her manufacturing unit as well as her showroom. She also wishes to do all the fashion show with her brand. As of now, she has done several fashion shows and got lots of appreciation from the fans as well as top names in the industry. Few celebrities like Mahima Chaudhari, Arshifa Khan, Lucky dancer Akshay Giri, and makeup artist Amit Dhuria and Chitrlekha Sen have taken part in her shows.

In such a short span, Mridu has made a name. With the way, she has been working there is no telling that she is destined to reach new heights in the future. We wish her well for her upcoming projects.

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